About Us

“Our mission is to help companies provide a consistent customer experience across teams, channels and locations.”

Every interaction a potential customer has with your organisation is critical, so what can you do to control the outcome?

We know it is impossible to control everything that goes on with your customers, but you can regulate your own internal process.

Technology can be an enabler of great experience; allowing staff to perform to the best of their ability and helping customers to interact with and purchase from you with ease.

Welcome to Anthill.

Our technology gives you maximum insight over your customer interactions, no matter how many locations you operate in, how many teams you have or how many channels you sell through.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Anthill

Back in 2010, Anthill’s CEO John Endeacott, was running a web development agency when he kept coming across the same issue time and again…

“Business owners wanted more enquiries from their websites, however once they got them – they couldn’t control the experience and service levels started to slip.”

He decided to do something about it.

What started as a traffic light system to monitor online enquires quickly grew to cover the full customer journey.

As organisations were now able to clearly see how customers were being handled, satisfaction levels soared, and growth swiftly followed.

Since those early days, Anthill has evolved into a highly refined online solution that organises all your customer activity.

Customised workflow streams combine with the ability to automate time consuming activities whilst highly tailored dashboards provide a 360-degree view into the day to day for each unique team.

These processes allow organisations to orchestrate their operational activities with ease; using Anthill’s features like Lego bricks to give their operation a solid foundation for stable growth, guaranteeing the highest quality service for your current and future customers.

Anthill can be the blueprint for success for your customer strategy, enable you to realise your operational vision and give you the edge over your competition.

See how Anthill will reshape your business for the better

Master your processes, improve customer service & make more money!

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