360° Personalised Dashboards

No more waiting for reports to be put on your desk once it’s too late to do anything with them.
With Anthill, you can visualise real-time data in your own perfect way.

Personalised dashboards for every team

Pie charts, headlines numbers, data tables – combine different visualisers and datasets to build a suite of customised 360°
dashboards that work for you and your team’s. From customer information to team performance, you can view real-time data at the click of a button.

1 Interactive Click-Throughs

Click-throughs allow you to connect dashboards together, containing different data. Take a closer look at subsets of data with the drilldown feature: show different perspectives and access the full customer history for every record behind a chart.

2 Data Filters

Filter data to get to the information you need, when you need it. Different options can let you filter by date, user, location and many more. Save specific filters to your account, to use them next time with one click of a button.

3 Team Dashboards

Select the key metrics for each team or user and create a dashboard that’s unique to them. Anthill provides laser-focused dashboards so that each team member can focus on what’s important to them, without getting distracted by things that aren’t.

4 Easy Data Exports

Want to do more with your data? Anthill lets you filter the data you need and then easily export into CSV files for further processing or external integrations.

What will your customised 360° dashboard look like?

Example Custom Dashbaords 1
Example Custom Dashbaords 2
Example Custom Dashbaords 3
Example Custom Dashbaords 4
Example Custom Dashbaords 5
Example Custom Dashbaords 6
Example Custom Dashbaords 6
Example Custom Dashbaords 6

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Manage processes across different sales channels, teams, and locations to boost profits & customer satisfaction.