Digital Transformation

Revolutionise your Process Management with Anthill

1Tailored CRM

Manage your unique sales cycles regardless of how complex they may seem. With a tailored sales pipeline, your sales, admin and support teams will stay on the same page to ensure a smooth customer experience for every customer.
  • Keep up-to-date with full customer history
  • Track team performance with sales pipelines
  • Monitor customer happiness with health statuses
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2 360° Personalised Dashboards

Forget receiving reports weeks after you can do anything about them. Anthill provides live, customised dashboards that are unique to every department, giving you the information you need when you need it.
  • Create unique dashboards for every team
  • Use filters to get the information you need
  • Easily export for further processing
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3 Custom Workflows

Create custom processes for all types of customer interactions. With defined workflows in place, all departments save time and reduce errors by executing tasks consistently.
  • Outline procedures for staff to follow
  • Set triggers and automate repetitive tasks
  • Mitigate risk by providing detailed instructions
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4 Marketing Automation

Send targeted marketing campaigns to attract, convert & retain throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Use segments and triggers to automatically send personalised emails and SMS messages to customers at just the right moment.
  • Send personalised emails and SMS messages
  • Get feedback with customer surveys
  • Make improvements with key metrics and performance tracking
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Manage your entire order process within Anthill; from pricing at quote stage through to purchase orders, invoicing and stock management.
  • Quote builder powered by product catalogues
  • Supplier margins and profitability
  • Generate and send Purchase Orders
  • Create invoices and record payments / outstanding balances
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