One solution to manage your entire KBB customer journey. Streamline your process, make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth. Fully customisable to work your way!

The Future of KBB Retail

Learn how The Kitchen Store has transformed their KBB business using the Anthill platform

There’s a mountain of work behind the scenes of a KBB sales cycle. From selling a product, installing it and providing aftercare – there are so many boxes to tick it’s no surprise that staff make mistakes. Sadly, these mistakes are costly for referrals and ultimately your reputation…

You need to have a detailed and honest view of your operation if you’re going to identify issues quickly and set the foundations for healthy growth. As you already know, this isn’t easy.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Paper notes and scribbled reminders
  • Opportunities being missed
  • Manually managing customer lists for email marketing
  • Lack of customer feedback and insight
  • Isolated teams with separate tools
  • Poor tracking of customer issues & complaints
  • Outdated reporting and lack of insight
  • Customer data stored in multiple places

You can’t grow your business without clear visibility and robust processes in place. Anthill gives you maximum control over your customer interactions, no matter how many showrooms you open, how many teams you need, or how many channels you sell through.

One tool for everything

Get teams on the same page, using the same tool

Different teams using different tools is a recipe for disaster. The constant signing in and out of login screens turns a simple task into a headache. Implementing more tools means more communication and training are required in order for each team to use them correctly.

Traditional CRM systems can’t cope with the complex demands of a KBB sales cycle that feature a number of customer touch points by different teams at specific stages.

Anthill keeps it simple with one clean, easy-to-use interface that features all the tools you require. Every team will have a customised dashboard with everything they need at their fingertips to complete their day-to-day tasks swiftly.

Consistency stamps out the confusion and streamlines your teams’ day-to-day tasks, giving you the solid base that’s required to grow your organization.

We know your problems…

Because Anthill was built exclusively to solve them

Anthill was made for KBB retailers from the get-go

We’ve been partners with KBB retailers for over 10 years as we refined the ultimate all-in-one CRM for them. From day one, we listened to the problems they were facing in order to develop the answer from scratch.

We turned each of their requests into features:

  • Monitor website enquiries to ensure a professional response
  • Survey contacts to gain feedback on their experiences
  • Track marketing spend through to sale
  • Manage pre-sale appointments in a web-based calendar
  • Automate emails to customers throughout the sales process
  • Seamless CAD integration
  • Manage stock and delivery status
  • Send marketing emails to leads that are yet to buy
  • Organise the installation process with fitters
  • Integrate back office and support teams into the same system
  • Track and manage remedials and after care
  • Provide a single point of truth for all customer activity
  • Easy invoicing with Accounts integration
  • Raise supplier purchase orders and manage through to delivery

Anthill doesn’t waste time with unnecessary features and months of set-up time, and we won’t charge you with over usage fees! Anthill gives you everything you need to unite teams across channels, and locations so your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Anthill gives you more for less

Get unlimited scalability in one lean package, with prices starting from £385 per month. No hidden fees. No confusion.

Need help using CRM in your operation?

With over 15 years experience in the industry, we can help you choose the right solution.

Bespoke CRM

Nurture prospects, close leads and grow customers

Get a detailed view of each customer’s current position with their full history available at a glance. Never let an upsell or nurture opportunity slip through your fingers again. Monitor exactly where everyone stands in real time with the customer health widget, viewable by showroom and user at the click of a button.

Accurate data gives you all the information you need to engage with each customer at the right time. So whether you have prospects to nurture or leads to close, nobody gets left behind, you have the tools to capitalise on every opportunity.

360° Personalised Dashboards

View real-time data with laser focus

Give your sales, admin, installation and customer service teams their own dedicated dashboards with today’s priorities, giving every member of each team all the information they need to serve customers professionally.

Outdated reports and conflicting spreadsheets become a thing of the past, view real-time data to get the answers you need in an instant. One single point of truth for customer information boosts everyone’s productivity by removing the hassles that slow them down.

Custom Workflows

Define each step required to process customers

Forget sharing out-of-date SOPs and PDFs, build a customised workflow to neatly define the processes for your teams to follow. A workflow saves you hours of time each week by sending your customers emails and SMS messages based on the triggers you set.

Workflows make it easy for employees to pick up a task and carry it out efficiently with minimal time and hassle. This keeps your processes running like clockwork, so you can spend less time training and more time scaling your business.

Marketing Automation

Send the right message at the right time

Keep your customers in the loop at every stage of the customer cycle. Send appointment reminders, surveys and wish them a happy birthday with personalised emails and SMS messages.

Marketing automation drives customer engagement and repeats business by itself once you’ve defined your conditions. All of this is easily achieved without writing a single line of code.


Manage your entire order process within Anthill; from pricing at quote stage through to purchase orders, invoicing and stock management.

  • Quote builder powered by product catalogues
  • Supplier margins and profitability
  • Generate and send Purchase Orders
  • Create invoices and record payments / outstanding balances
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Seamless Custom Integrations

Anthill’s API connects with your website, applications & legacy systems – everything’s at your fingertips to push & pull information for efficient services, streamlined processes and joined-up thinking.

See why Anthill is the #1 CRM for KBB retailers

Build a better customer experience by integrating every department into one system. Simple.



“Anthill is an absolutely superb system which our teams thoroughly enjoy using! The software is easy to use, intuitive and, most importantly, guarantees that our customers are at the heart of our business by ensuring we have everything we need to hand.”


“Anthill has played a pivotal role in our recent merger and is fast becoming a fundamental part of our business. The software provides us with the visibility to spot trends and for our staff to be in full control of the sales process, prioritising tasks to maximise efficiency. As a single source of truth, Anthill drives accountability and ensures we can accurately track critical KPIs, helping deliver the level of service we desire. Throughout our experience, the Anthill team have always gone the extra mile with incredible responsiveness, consistently tailoring the technology to our needs.”


“Working with Anthill has allowed us to quickly deliver significant improvements to the way we manage our customers from the point of first contact, through to order delivery and beyond.”


“I can honestly say that Anthill has played a huge part in the growth of Kutchenhaus. I would highly recommend John and his team to all.”

John Lewis of Hungerford

“I use Anthill all the time to investigate a direct link between relative campaign success and what’s actually going on. We track everything, meaning I can easily analyse the data and prove the impact of each marketing channel and campaign. I can then make a case to invest more in the channels that are working for us.

It really is brilliant.”

See why Anthill is the #1 CRM for KBB retailers

Build a better customer experience by integrating every department into one system. Simple.

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