Define and monitor all customer processes to provide a consistent experience
across different sales channels, teams and locations.

What are workflows?

Workflow is at the heart of the Anthill platform. It’s the feature that enhances all other features.

You may have used standard operating procedure (SOPs), but outdated PDF’s or printouts just don’t give you the control or visibility you need to run a successful operation.

Anthill’s Workflows allow you to define every customer relationship process and monitor employees’ performance, giving you
more control and visibility than ever before.

  • Allocate tasks to departments and monitor via live dashboards.
  • Easily spot when tasks are being left uncompleted and take action before it’s too late.
  • Automate processes to save company resources and mitigate risk.
  • Enforce data capture at specific stages to enrich your customer database.
  • Provide a consistent customer experience across multiple sales channels, teams and locations.

Need advice managing process in your operation?

With over 15 years experience in the industry, we can help you understand the possibilities.

1 Outline Procedures

Define the steps required to process customers from A to B, ensuring that each customer is treated correctly and consistently. Monitor live team status & customer health – all via your tailored dashboards.

2Set Up Triggers and Automate

Email opens, customer survey responses, appointment confirmations and even customer birthdays are all ways in which an entire workflow or just an individual task can be triggered. Send emails and SMS messages, update customer records and notify staff members without lifting a finger.

Need advice on using CRM in your operation?

With over 15 years experience in the industry, we can help you choose the right solution.

3 Set Time Frames for Every Task

Avoid delays in the customer journey using the activity widget to notify staff of all tasks that are due today. Using rescheduling options, your processes can adapt to customer availability without letting them slip down the priority level.

4 Mitigate Risk with Specific Instructions

Every action you define in Anthill for employees to follow is presented with help text and advice from you on how best to carry out the task.

Include rational and best practise to help train your employees while they work. Make changes at any time and they’ll appear right away to keep your employees up to speed.

Build a better customer experience

Manage processes across different sales channels, teams, and locations to boost profits & customer satisfaction.

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