Tailored CRM

Provide a consistent and amazing experience for all your customers and
see your sales increase and customer satisfaction soar.

Track customer activity and automate sales

Monitor every website enquiry, appointment, installation, remedial or any other event you want to track.

1 Full Customer History

Using the clear and simple Customer History feature you can view all customer contact and progress notes in one place. Improve your customer service and internal communication by making it easier for your staff to share key information.

2 Automated Customer Reminders

Increase your professionalism by sending personalised customer notifications by email or SMS at key stages in the customer journey. It’s the little touches that make a big difference to customers.

Nurture prospects, close leads and grow customers

Look after your contacts by giving them a personalised experience that’s right for them.

3 Sales Automation

Support your sales reps with automated sales actions based on customer behaviour using our Workflows feature. Automatically send out personalised emails when a customer completes a certain task such as requesting an appointment or visiting a specific web page or have a sales rep be notified when a manual action is required.

4 Customer Happiness Monitoring

As your business grows, making sure all your customers are happy gets challenging. With Anthill’s customer health status you can see at a glance if everyone is being looked after properly and drill down to those that need urgent attention.

Need advice on using CRM in your operation?

With over 15 years experience in the industry, we can help you choose the right solution.

5 Prospect Nurturing

Not all customers are ready to make a full enquiry on initial contact with your business. By recording them as prospects, you can automate regular communication, further increasing the chance of them coming back to you rather than a competitor.

6 Sales Pipeline

Create a pipeline dashboard to monitor the different stages of your sales. Find out which areas are causing the most friction and drill down to see what actions need to be taken.

7 Seamless Custom Integrations

Anthill’s API connects with your website, applications & legacy systems – everything’s at your fingertips to push & pull information for efficient services, streamlined processes and joined-up thinking.

Build a better customer experience

Manage processes across different sales channels, teams, and locations to boost profits & customer satisfaction.