Anthill & Xero

Minimising discrepancies and streamlining your invoicing process by connecting everything to one, accurate customer record.

Improve your visibility into incomings, outgoings and overdue payments

Easily review payment and invoice status directly from Anthill customer records.

1 Create Xero Invoices From Anthill

Xero invoices and purchase orders can be created from the Anthill customer record saving time and streamlining operations.

By connecting existing supplier information and group codes to Anthill there is no need for manual account code selection and both customer and supplier invoices can be raised with ease.

2 View & Manage Invoices In Anthill

A tabular record enables simple analysis of active invoices and purchase orders, minimising errors and streamlining data reconciliation with updates made in Xero being replicated on the Anthill sale record.

Increase your bottom line profitability

Combine Anthill and Xero to eradicate errors, minimise discrepancies and reduce the legwork of your invoicing process.

3 Streamline Sending Payments

Permission based access ensures control of vital invoicing processes is retained and discrepancies in the figures minimised.

Equally importantly, status, date sent, and total amounts are all connected to customer record, including for draft invoices, ensuring accurate reconciliation and data on the customer record.

4 Review Dashboards To Analyse Profitability

Dashboards provide an immediate bird’s-eye view for managers and leadership allowing for improved profitability alongside quick identification of outstanding supplier/customer payment issues.

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