Anthill & Winner Design

Streamlining your design and quotation process to drive efficiency and increase profitability.

Design from anywhere with cloud-based access to your design files

Create and manage designs directly from the Anthill customer record.

1 Save Time & Design In Anthill

With the click of a button, designers can launch Winner directly from Anthill.

This creates a streamlined end to end design process with everything from budget information through to desired installation dates and product specifications stored for easy, remote access.

2 Edit Designs Directly From Anthill

All design data is automatically pulled through to the customer record, without the need for an external file upload.

From here, any future revisions are reflected on the customer record, right until the moment of ordering.

Improve access to accurate design files

Streamline internal processes and communications to enhance your overall customer experience.

3 Track Margins For Improved Profitability

Anthill stores individual order line and purchase order information allowing analysis of profit, margins, and specifications on a line-by-line basis across individual and group projects.

4 Easily Convert Quotes To Orders

When designs are finalised, users can convert quotes to orders directly within Anthill for a streamlined user experience with universal, permission-based access.

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