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Now, be honest with yourself. Do any of the following sound familiar to your operation?

Unconnected systems with customer information all over the place

Customer data duplicated in multiple spreadsheets

Out of date reporting via email / CSV

Isolated teams with separate tools

Paper notes and scribbled reminders

Uncertainty over customer service level and response

Opportunities being missed

Varied ways to handle customers depending on staff member and location

Manually managing customer lists for email marketing

Lack of customer feedback and insight

Unknown effectiveness of marketing spend

Poor tracking of customer issues & complaints


..Sounds like you’re doing great!
Keep fighting the good fight!


You Need Anthill

Your future with Anthill

Single customer view across the business

Live visibility of all customer actions by department

Clear sales pipeline visibility by location

Employee accountability for customer actions

Instant access to customer status and next action

Health status and alerts tracking customer response

Clear history of all customer notes and interactions

Standardised and controlled processes for handling customers

Web based access via browser, ipad or mobile

Integrated customer analysis and feedback

Workflow driven training on customer processes

Automated emails to support the customer cycle

Branded and professional email templates

Live custom dashboards for reporting and MI

How many extra sales a month could all of this generate for you?

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