Marketing Automation

Set it and forget it. Create trigger-based marketing campaigns once, and profit for a lifetime.

Customer engagement on autopilot

Confirm appointments, send happy birthday wishes, get customer feedback, encourage repeat business, and thank customers for being… well, customers! All of this is made possible with our Transactional Messages feature.

1 Send Personalised Messages

Every customer isn’t the same, so they shouldn’t be treated that way. Use dynamic content based on customer information to create a personalised experience for everyone. Personalised email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 16% and emails with personalized subject lines are 19% more likely to be opened.

2 Reach Customers Faster with SMS

On average we check our phones over 150 times per day. Compare that to the number of times we check our emails and it’s clear that there’s a big opportunity with SMS. Send personalised messages via SMS to reach customers at any time, any place.

3 Trigger-Based Marketing

Abandoned carts, cross-sell opportunities and a loss of customer engagement are all things that can easily go unnoticed if left to be dealt with manually. Anthill lets you create triggers based on customer behaviour so that you always send the right message at the right time for maximum engagement with your users.

Need help using automation in your operation?

With over 15 years experience in the industry, we can help you choose the right solution.

4 No-code email builder

Don’t make your marketing team sit around and wait for developers to create email templates. Our easy-to-use email builder means that your team never has to touch a line of code. When you get started with Anthill, our team will even design a custom template for your brand so that messages stay consistent throughout the entire company.

5 Get Feedback with Customer Surveys

No need to sign up to expensive customer surveying services to find out what your customers have to say. With Anthill, you can get immediate and ongoing feedback from the people that matter most with our built in surveying feature. Knowing why a customer purchased from you is great but knowing why a prospect didn’t is even better!

6 Key Metrics & Performance Tracking

We’re strong believers in the ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’ philosophy. That’s why Anthill provides you with in-depth tracking as well as integrating with Google Analytics so that you can assess and optimise the performance of every campaign.

Build a better customer experience

Manage processes across different sales channels, teams, and locations to boost profits & customer satisfaction.