Bathstore Case Study

“Working with Anthill has allowed us to quickly deliver significant improvements to the way we manage our customers from the point of first contact, through to order delivery and beyond.”

Bathstore is the UK’s leading specialist bathroom retailer with 172 stores nationwide. Dean Weston is the Chief Operations Officer at Bathstore and helps explain in more detail the impact Anthill has made to the business.

Maximising Opportunities

Lead Management is one of the areas which Bathstore has seen instant improvements in since using Anthill. Dean explains: “Due to Anthill being so easy to use, we have immediately seen a high level of engagement by staff across all 172 stores. This has enabled us to ensure that nationally, every one of our customers is being looked after with set KPI’s monitoring and driving the right behaviours in stores.” Simon Burke, Chairman at Bathstore adds: “Anthill is designed so that customers don’t drop through the cracks and are constantly within easy reach of Bathstore’s sales team.”

Customer Journey

Dean continues: “Being able to manage our customer support within Anthill has increased the visibility of customer interactions taking place. This is particularly useful to our field based teams and central hubs. Everyone can now see the history of a customer with a clear audit trail of who did what and when. This simply means we can serve our customers even more efficiently.” Simon Burke, Chairman at Bathstore adds: “Anthill helps manage quotations and orders across the whole business, whether they originated in-store or online.

Maximising Opportunities

Installations Dean explains: “Managing our complete installations service within Anthill enables our store and admin teams to work seamlessly with fitters and installations managers. Using the workflow management tools we are able to control and manage the process over multiple locations and disparate teams. The analysis and MI allows us to fine tune processes and understand quickly which areas need attention.” “Daily snapshot reports and access to live KPI’s provide our divisional and regional managers with the information they need manage the growing operation.”

Customer Notifications

Anthill is used to trigger automated and personalised notifications to customers at different stages of the sales process. Dean says: “The ability to send email and SMS communications at key touch points has enabled us to ensure the customer is fully informed at all times.”

System Integrations

Dean explains: “It was essential that Anthill was able to integrate perfectly with our Kerridge ERP system. The integration component provided by Anthill to work between K809 and the Anthill API was superb. Thanks to the efforts of Chris and Trevor, we have been able to provide a seamless, behind the scenes experience for our users.” “Both systems talk to each other in real time which means we can use each system for its ideal purpose.” Simon Burke, Chairman at Bathstore adds: “Anthill is designed so that customers don’t drop through the cracks and are constantly within easy reach of Bathstore’s sales team.”

Management Information

The management team at Bathstore use Anthill to overview the entire business, providing live access into store and staff performance. Dean explains: “Utilising the flexibility of Anthill and the drive of the support team we have been able to hone reporting to identify further opportunities and implement changes quickly to deliver the best in sector service that sets us apart.”


Using Anthill we have been able to segment our database in a way that wasn’t possible before without time consuming data exports and manipulaiton. The result is that we can easily communicate with our propects and customers in a personalised way to help them in their buying process.

Customer Service

Dean explains: “Having our support team use the same system and customer record that the sales team use has improved communication, enabling a smoother and quicker customer resolution. Guiding staff on what information to capture when dealing with issues means we can pin point the root cause, and therefore implement cost saving exercises by reducing the problems happening in the first place.”

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