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The Evolutionary Process Of Continuous Improvement

Adopting a process of continuous improvement is table stakes for aspirational organisations. Over the past 20 years, countless household names, previously seen as untouchable, have fallen foul of more dynamic, upstart companies. Think Netflix and Blockbuster. Missguided and Topshop. Apple and Blackberry. “Implementing a process of continuous improvement in an organisation should be standard practice.” […]

Process Software: Your Hidden Superhero Sales Team

Black Friday is almost upon us. And with it’s arrival, countless retailers will experience a surge in demand matched only by the traditional, seasonal sales. It’s at this time of increased volume that potential customers, previously on the fence, often make the leap and transition from hesitant prospects to eager new projects. And yet, to […]

John Lewis Of Hungerford & Anthill: Marketing Case Study

Anthill provides John Lewis of Hungerford with the ability to identify, curate and scale marketing communications that resonate with their audience; generating a greater ROI on marketing spend and promoting higher conversion rates. Communications That Count John Lewis of Hungerford are using Anthill to power their targeted email marketing campaigns. This means curating highly customisable […]