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Fábio Joins The Anthill Mob

Another exciting announcement coming out of Anthill HQ this week as we’re delighted to share the news that we have a brand new member of the Anthill Mob. Following on from James and Sam joining our Customer Success team just four weeks ago, we’re thrilled to share that Fábio Tavares is joining Anthill as a […]

Why A Consistent Process Is The Best First Impression

First impressions count. Whether in our personal or professional lives, we’re intrinsically wired to judge people, for better or worse, almost immediately. A study from the Harvard Faculty of Communications found that… “It only takes seven seconds for you to make a first impression”.Harvard Faculty of Communications When it comes to your customer facing teams, […]

Why Accessible Insights Are Actionable Insights

Powerful insights exist to guide our business decisions. They define our actions by providing accurate data, grounded in lived experience and fact. But in order to act on information, you first need to be able to access it. You can have the all the best intentions and drive to revolutionise your business through data. But […]