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9 Simple Steps To Create A CRM Strategy

For every business that has adopted Customer Relationship Management software, they also need a CRM strategy. Whilst the benefits of CRM are universal, every company is unique. As such, you need to not only choose the right CRM, but consider the optimum CRM strategy. Doing so will ensure the technology works for you, fits to […]

How To Successfully Scale Customer Service

For a growing business, being able to successfully scale customer service is a challenge worth undertaking. In the early days, when the number of stores, or volume of customers is limited, it is significantly easier to provide personalised support. But as business starts booming, it places greater pressure on the resources you have at your […]

Anthill & ArtiCAD Integration Banner

Anthill & ArtiCAD Integration

Two of the KBB industry’s foremost technology innovators, Anthill and ArtiCAD are delighted to announce the integration of their core products. ArtiCAD’s design and pricing software, ArtiCAD-Pro, is being integrated with Anthill’s CRM, process management and automation platform. Work is well underway with a release date expected to be announced in the coming weeks. The […]