Create Enquiries Direct From Emails With Zapier

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Welcome to the Anthill Guide on how to Create Enquiries Direct from Emails with Zapier!

The following document will outline how to create a new enquiry via email to add directly into your Anthill account.

Anthill allows you to send these files by connecting with our Zapier app.

Below we shall explain how this can be achieved.

Before you start, you will require the following:

Speak with your CSM if you need any help getting these details together.

Ensure your Email Parser by Zapier and your Zapier Accounts are linked.

Log in to your Email Parser by Zapier Account.

Click “Create Mailbox” and save the created Email Address for later.

Step 2: Build Out Your Template Format

Now we need to curate an email template, to enable the Parser to know what to look for when creating the New Enquiry.

Go to your Inbox and populate a draft Email containing the relevant fields of information that you are required to complete when creating a New Enquiry in your Anthill system.

The image below has been provided as an example:

Once created, send this email to your Address created in Step 1.

Return to your Email Parser by Zapier Account and navigate through to your Parser Email Inbox.

Click “Template” beneath your email and “Create Template”.

Now we can assign values to the required fields to be pulled through to Anthill.

To do this, double click on the entry and assign the corresponding value e.g. Smith = Last Name

The image below has been provided as an example:

Save this as your Template.

Step 3: Create An Integrated Zap

Log in to your Zapier Account.

Select “Make A Zap”.

For your Trigger App, select Email Parser by Zapier

Select “New Email” for the Trigger.

Click Continue.

Choose “Connect A New Account” from the drop down menu and authorise access to your Parser Account.

Referring back to the Email Address we created earlier in your Parser Account, select the corresponding mailbox from the drop down menu.

Click “Test Trigger”, the email we created for the purpose of the Template should populate.

Step 4: Align With Anthill

This next stage involves creating the Action that will pull the files over to Anthill.

In the Search Apps bar, type in “Anthill” and select the latest version.

Now we need to select our “Action Event”. To do this choose “Create Enquiry” from the drop down menu; this could also be “Create Lead” depending on your Sales Process.

Click Continue and Sign In To Anthill.

Step 5: Set Up Your Action

Now we need to configure how the Enquiry Record will appear.

Select “Enquiry Type” and “Customer Type” according to your requirements.

Next, match up your Parsed Output options with the required fields to create a New Enquiry in your Anthill.

If these values are fixed, e.g. Source, enter that text manually.

Once successful, select “Turn On Zap”.

If you have any other Integration Queries, please visit the Integrations Hub or Contact Us directly.

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