Integrate Winner Design With Anthill

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Welcome to the Anthill Guide on how to integrate Winner Design with Anthill!

Integrating Anthill with Winner Design allows you to create quotes and designs directly from your Anthill system. These are then attached to the relevant lead in your Anthill account..

This facilitates a more streamlined approach to keeping all required customer records in one, easily accessible location.


  • You have Winner Design installed on each machine that you want to use with Anthill.
  • Ensure each of your Winner Licences has the ‘ERP integration’ module enabled – contact Winner support to arrange directly. Once activated, download and install the latest updates to complete setup.

Install the Anthill Winner Agent

The Anthill Winner Agent is an application that is installed on your local machine. Its purpose is to send and receive information between Winner Design on your machine and Anthill in the cloud.

Download the Winner Anthill agent and install to each machine that will be using Winner and Anthill.

To enable your Anthill and Winner to talk to each other, you need to install the Winner Anthill agent on your machine.

V15.11 Release Notes: Multi Session Support, Winner Crash Handling / File Recovery, Default Profit Calculation Setting

Once you have the extracted the contents of the zip file onto your machine in the same folder (e.g Desktop), click SETUP_RUN_ME file to start the installation.

In some instances, a protective Windows pop up will appear. If this is the case, select “More info” then “Run Anyway”.

From here, the Anthill Winner Agent Setup Wizard will open.

Navigate through the screens, selecting “Next” on each occasion, to continue and complete installation.

Once installed, close the window.

If you want to confirm installation, you can check via the “Apps & features” area of your Windows settings.

Anthill & Winner In Action

Once these two steps are completed, you can create a quote directly from your Anthill system.

To do so, navigate to a lead, click the action drop down and select “Create quote”.

When selected, a pop up will appear for the opening of Winner Design.

The first time you connect to Winner from Anthill, you will need to authenticate your accounts.

To do so, return to your Anthill integrations page and copy the URL and Token generated in the first part of this guide.

Once verified, you will be taken to your Winner Design system to continue creating your quote.

After creating your design, hit save upon exit and the data will be transferred across to the relevant Anthill lead.

Refresh the page in Anthill and you will see a quote has appeared, to open the design from anywhere click Open.

Updating Winner Agent

Do not uninstall your current version to avoid having to re-enter credentials.

To update, please complete the following steps:

  • Find the Anthill icon in the system tray (near the time and date)
  • Right click the Anthill icon
  • Click Exit
  • Follow instructions above for installing

If you have any other Integration Queries, please visit the Integrations Hub or Contact Us directly.

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