Allowing Anthill Notifications

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Welcome to the Anthill guide for Allowing Anthill Notifications.

This guide will explain how you can allow in browser notifications to ensure you never miss an update within your Anthill system.

By editing or changing notification settings you will then get a ‘pop up’ in the bottom corner to advise that a response has been received; for example in relation to a support ticket or change request taking effect.

Allowing Notifications In Google Chrome

On your device, open Google Chrome.

Navigate to the top right of the screen, click “More” followed by “Settings”.

Under ‘Privacy and Security’, click “Site Settings”.

Select “Notifications” and choose to block or allow notifications.

In order to allow your Anthill system to send push notifications, next to ‘Allow’, click “Add”.

Enter your Anthill URL and click “Add”.

Once added, navigate to “Notifications” and click “Allow”.

Allowing Notifications In Windows Edge

On your device, open Windows Edge.

Navigate to the top right of the screen, click “Settings” followed by “Cookies & Site Permissions”.

Now click “Notifications”.

Select “Add”, enter your Anthill URL and select “Allow”.

Allowing Notifications In Mozilla Firefox

On your device, open Mozilla Firefox.

Click the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your screen and navigate to “Settings”.

Select “Privacy and Security”, scroll down to “Permissions” and click “Notifications”.

From here you can access “Settings” and manage notifications from your websites.

Here, you can choose to allow notifications from your Anthill URL.

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