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Welcome to the Anthill Guide on the Design operations now available within your Anthill system!


  • You have a suitable CAD package installed on each machine that you want to use with Anthill.
  • Ensure that your CAD package is supported by Anthill .
  • Connect your local system with Anthill .

The following functions are available from the Action button within the quote tab on your customer lead page.

Revise / Open Design

Clicking Revise Design will open your chosen CAD package with the relevant design ready to make amendments. You do not need to have access tot he design file. This is stored within Anthill to enable you to be able to access designs from anyway.

Each time you save you project in the CAD package, a new revision is added to Anthill so you are able to access the full history of changes by clicking the Plus icon.

Create PDF

Clicking this option will allow you to create a branded PDF of the quote data stored within Anthill.

Different templates can be set up to provide the display that you require.

If you would like to send a copy of the PDF to the customer via email, click the ‘send copy via email’ check box.

Copy To Group

If you would like to work on different design alternatives for the customer, you can use the Copy to Group option to create new quote groups, e.g Main Kitchen and Utility Room.

Transfer Quote

The Transfer Quote option allows you to transfer the selected quote to a different customer lead within the system.

The target customer must have an open lead to be able to transfer the quote.

Import Quote

If you have an existing design that you would like to import into Anthill, you can use the Import Quote function.

To import your design, you will need the Design file and Data File.

For Winner Design, the files are the DRW file and e01 file. For more instructions on importing from Winner please click here.

If you have any other Integration Queries, please visit the Integrations Hub or Contact Us directly.

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