Creating Customer SMS Notifications

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Welcome to the Anthill guide for Creating Customer SMS Notifications.

Through this feature, you can automate client communications for key events such as Appointment Reminders or Project Status updates.

SMS notifications can also be connected to your other systems via our integration with Text Marketer.

This guide will explain how you can achieve this in creating customer SMS notifications.

Building Your SMS

From your Anthill dashboard, navigate to the “Content Templates” section via the top right hand corner.

From the drop down “Action” menu, select “Create SMS”.

Now, choose whether or not you wish your SMS to be Transactional or On Demand.

The former allows the SMS to be sent automatically when a customer reaches a pre defined stage in your workflow. The latter allows your team to send the SMS on a more ad hoc basis.

For the purpose of this example, we want to select the Transactional option.

Now it’s time to customise.

Ensure to name the SMS to be able to easily identify when setting up multiple templates.

Selecting a “Personalisation Option” allows you to use customer data within the content of the SMS which helps improve the impact of this particular touchpoint.

Once you have written your SMS copy, click save.

Sending Your SMS

Now the SMS has been created, the next task is to establish the rule for when it is sent.

To do this, select “Define Delivery”.

From the “Trigger Event” drop down, select “Appointment Date”. There are a multitude of options here showcasing the various alternative uses for automated SMS notifications for you to explore.

When you send it will be personal choice, but common practice is to select “send at a specific time of day”.

From here, you can choose both the time and number of days to offset, for example 0800 the day before appointment.

Once you’re happy, hit save.

The last step is to click “Start” to initiate the SMS to send whenever the requirements are hit.

Now you’re ready to go!

It’s worth sending a test message, via the “Edit Delivery” button to ensure the message appears as desired.

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