Email Domain Authentication

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Welcome to the Anthill introduction to Email Domain Authentication.

In this article, we’ll explore what domain authentication is and cover why, as an Anthill customer, you could benefit from adding it to your communications.

Domain Authentication

Domain authentication, or domain white labelling, is a form of online verification.

A form of security check that tells email providers that Anthill has your permission to send emails on your behalf.

Without it, email providers are more likely to knock your vital communications into spam or junk folders.

Why? Because the sending domain might not necessarily match your own.

Email service providers distrust messages that don’t have domain authentication set up because they can’t be sure that the message comes from you.

And, as you’d expect to be the case, they’re looking to minimise the amount of potentially harmful communications landing in people’s inboxes.

By explicitly stating that an email comes from you, your reputation with email service providers is reinforced, making it much more likely the email reaches your recipient’s inbox.

Although this may only seem to be a small change, doing so can have a hugely positive impact on your reputation and your email deliverability.

To complete domain authentication, and ensure emails sent via Anthill from the company domain are seen as legitimate, get in touch with your account manager today.

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