How To Access Anthill Support

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Welcome to the Anthill guide for Accessing and Using our Support Area.

From here, you can register any and all support queries that arise, directly from within your Anthill login.

Having this central hub ensures that, should you have any issues, they are easily rectified.

Likewise, all registered issues will be located in one simple and straight forward area.

Logging A Support Query

For all users, logging a support query is done via the same location.

Once in your Anthill system, navigate to the Support Area via the menu in the top right hand corner.

From here, what you see will depend on your user permissions.

General users will have the option to log a ticket with the support desk; these enquiries are for assistance and guidance related to general features of the Anthill platform.

For Change Managers, you will have an additional option for submitting change requests.

Whilst you will be able to log general queries, you are also able to request changes to your specific system configuration. This includes alterations to custom fields, workflows or dashboards.

Once these queries are logged, your Anthill Account Manager will liaise directly with you to confirm how and when your requested change will be actioned.

Creating A Support Ticket

Once you have selected the correct ticket type, you will be taken to the Create a Support Ticket screen.

At this point, you can log the details of your enquiry, explaining precisely what you require assistance with.

Alongside a brief description, the form provides the opportunity to attach any relevant files such as screenshots or documentation.

These can be added to help further explain that which you require support on.

Once you’re happy, click submit to log your ticket.

When complete, you will see a confirmation screen.

Checking Progress

Once your ticket has been logged, you’re able to check the status of your open tickets via the Support Area.

When your Anthill Account Manager responds, you will see a red notification symbol appear beside the Support Area icon through which you access the hub.

Open and closed tickets, related to your account, will be accessible via the Support Area, accessible in the top right hand corner menu.

Tickets in bold indicate an unopened message.

To add further information, navigate to the relevant ticket where a dialogue box will open. This will allow you to open a conversation with your Anthill Account Manager.

From here you can share further information or attach extra files and documentation.

Closing A Ticket

When your ticket has been solved, you will receive an email prompting you to close the ticket.

Within this email, you will also be invited to provide any additional feedback.

In the instance where an issue reoccurs, you will be able to reopen the ticket by navigating through to your Closed Tickets and sending a new message.

This will prompt a message to your Anthill Account Manager who will see the reopened ticket and respond accordingly.

If you have any other Support Queries, please visit the Support Hub or Contact Us directly.

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