How To Use Winner Design With Anthill

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Welcome to the Anthill Guide on how to use Winner Design and Anthill!

After you have connected Anthill with Winner Design, you will be able to create quotes and designs directly from your Anthill system.

These are then attached to the relevant lead in your Anthill account.

This facilitates a more streamlined approach to keeping all required customer records in one, easily accessible location.

How do i create a new design?

To start a new Winner design, click Create Quote from the quote tab on the lead page or following the relevant prompt in the workflow.

How to i access my designs?

Design files are automatically stored within Anthill and can only be accessed from the quote tab within the customer lead page in Anthill. To open an existing drawing, click the Design image or Revise Design button.

How do i work with alternatives?

Anthill integrates with Winner Design at drawing level not project level. The quote tab in Anthill replaces the Milieu view in Winner. To create alternatives of your designs, use the Copy To Group option from the arrow menu in the actions column.  

Are drawings backed up while I work?

Yes, Winner automatically creates a backup periodically on your local machine. If the Winner application is closes unexpectedly, you are able to access these backups from the Anthill Winner Agent. Full back up support requires V15.11 of the Anthill Winner Agent.

What about Winner catalogues updates and pricing?

Everything relating to catalogues and pricing works exactly the same when opening Winner from Anthill as it does opening Winner natively.

Can i see margin and profit in Anthill?

Yes, all the pricing and supplier data is automatically sent to Anthill. To see margin and profit, use the View Quote menu option and click the magnifying glass.

How do i add items to a quote that aren’t in Winner?

To add additional items to a quote that you can’t add in Winner, click Revise Quote from the arrow menu. You can their either search catalogue data in Anthill or add custom line items.

Can i work on designs offline?

You need to be online to access Anthill but you can download drawings and work in Winner natively offline. To do this use, the arrow menu and Download Design. This will download the DRW file to your downloads folder. Open Winner natively and Drag and drop this to a project to open. Any changes to drawings made offline will not update anthill, to do this see Importing Existing Designs

Can i import existing drawings?

Yes, you can move existing drawings into the lead page within Anthill. You will need to export the DRW and e01 file from Winner. More information here.

What happens if Winner crashes?

Your designs are saved locally on your machine while you are designing. When the application is closed, the designs are sent to Anthill. If Winner crashes before the application is closed, you can recover from the last save point.

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