How To Import A Quote From Winner Design

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Welcome to the Anthill Guide on how to import a quote from Winner Design into Anthill!


  • You have Winner Design installed on each machine that you want to use with Anthill.
  • Ensure each of your Winner Licences has the ‘ERP integration’ module enabled – contact Winner support to arrange directly. Once activated, download and install the latest updates to complete setup.

Step 1 – Export The DRW File From Winner Design

From the Alternative menu option in Winner Design, click Export > Export drawing (.DRW).

Save the file to an easy to access temporary location, such as your desktop.

Step 2 – Export The e01 File

From the Alternative menu option in Winner Design, click Export > Export quotation (ASCII).

This file will be saved to your C drive under Winner>EXPORT.

Step 3 – Import Into Anthill

Now you have both of the files required, open Anthill and find the lead for the relevant customer.

If the customer does not have a lead record, create a new record using the Add Action menu from the main navigation.

When you have the lead open, click Action > Winner Import.

You will be presented with the following window. Select the relevant files you have exported and click IMPORT.

You will now be shown the quote loaded into Anthill.

You can now open/revise the imported design from within Anthill from any machine that has the integration setup.

The design image is not transferred on import, if you Revise the Design and make a change the image will be updated.

If you have any other Integration Queries, please visit the Integrations Hub or Contact Us directly.

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