Managing Duplicate Account Records

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Welcome to the Anthill Guide for managing duplicate account records!

The Anthill account record provides a single view of activities that a customer has had with your company.

This covers everything from enquires to appointments, leads to sales and any issues raised.

Each account has a unique C number. To ensure accurate reporting and avoid issues with segmentation and automation, it is important to minimise duplicate accounts within your Anthill system.

This article will explain how Anthill helps with this challenge on account creation and detail the steps users can take to clean an account if duplicates have crept in.

Anthill Account Record

Manual Creation

When new accounts are manually created in Anthill, the system will check for duplicates and advise the user to review.

If a match is found the user can select the existing account. This means the new activity will be created against that Account instead of creating a duplicate.

If the user does not agree with the suggestions, they can select ‘My account is not listed’.

This will prompt the user to confirm they are sure as a final step to reducing potential duplicate records.

API Creation

Customer accounts can also be created from API calls, e.g. website contact forms.

In this situation, Anthill will automatically dedupe records with matching details. The most common flag used for this is the email address.

If a customer completes three forms with the same email address on each, that customer will have three enquires, but only one Account.

If the customer had entered a different email in each form, they would have three Accounts each with a single enquiry.

Use the Account tab within a customer activity to review if the account has other activities logged against them.


Linking Activities

In the scenario of a customer creating multiple enquiries, you might want to remove some from your active dashboards but keep them in the background for reporting.

To achieve this, use the Link feature from the Action menu.

In completing this, you are linking activities that you want to close to the one you want to keep open.

Account Migration

If you identify duplicate accounts, you can use the Migrate Activity feature to migrate all activity from one account to another.

Use the option Delete Account to remove the duplicate account from the database. This operation is started from the Customer Account page.

To view the customer account page, either find the customer from the search page or click the customer name at the top of the screen when viewing a customer activity.

Further Assistance

Hopefully now you have an understanding of managing duplicate account records.

If you are not sure about any of these concepts or would like to discuss further, please contact your CSM who will be able to help.

If you have any other Support Queries, please visit the Support Hub or Contact Us directly.

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