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Microsoft have recently announced a raft of changes regarding their internet browsers, Internet Explorer (IE 11) and Microsoft Edge Legacy.

Among the announced changes is a notification that Microsoft 365 applications and services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) and Legacy Edge. This change will take effect from August 2021.

Whilst Anthill does not hold a direct dependency on Microsoft 365 services operationally, the announcement brings into light our existing policy of non-support for the IE11 and Legacy Edge browsers.

What Does This Mean?

The announcement from Microsoft means any service provided via these older browsers will deliver a degraded experience with little to no support available.

In effect, any software still provided on these browsers will experience a significantly lower quality of service.

From an Anthill perspective, there are no immediate plans to deny access to unsupported browsers.

However, Anthill users are to be warned of, and should expect, degradation of their experience as we continue to roll out improvements to the platform.

This decision of continued non-support has been taken in line with Microsoft with a desire to ensure all Anthill users continue to enjoy the highest quality experience of the technology.

Focussing on the latest editions of browsers ensures our team can continue to expand our offering in line with cutting edge capabilities.

What Do I Need To Do?

If you do not currently access Anthill via Internet Explorer (IE 11) or Microsoft Edge Legacy, the simple answer is nothing.

However, our records show a small number of users do.

The only change we expect to make in response to this announcement is to add a warning to the sign in experience. This message will advise users of the potential degradation to their experience.

For those individuals using IE 11 or Legacy Edge, our recommendation is to switch to using Anthill via any of the following browsers:

In making this change, you will continue to experience the best version of Anthill without any impact upon your day-to-day work.

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