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Welcome to the Anthill Guide for using workflows!

The following document will introduce you to the basics of the Anthill workflow system and explore getting started, logging progress and keeping track of activities.

Workflow is at the heart of the Anthill platform. It allows you to define every customer process and monitor performance, giving you more control and visibility than ever before.

Workflow Panel

After accessing a particular customer activity page from any dashboard, you will be presented with the workflow panel at the top of the page.

Across the panel, you will find all the information required to perform the next step in the workflow. This ranges from a description of the task that is to be completed through to the due date. 

Below we’ll break down each aspect of the panel…


One key thing to understand with all Anthill workflows is the traffic light system. This system allows you to see, at a glance, those tasks needing immediate attention.

You will also be able to see tasks that are due to be actioned that day and those that are scheduled for future action, helping you to prioritise your workload.

A status of “due” means the record needs attention with a task due to be done today. An “overdue” status means the task should have already been completed and a “scheduled” status requires a task to be completed at a future date.


This is a description of the action you need to take.

According to your company process and your stage within the workflow, you will see a different task requiring completion.


Team refers to the group or individual responsible for this particular stage in the workflow.

For example, “Generate A Quote” may sit with sales whilst “Attach Final Plans” may sit with design.

It enables you to, at a glance, see who needs to take action for a particular task driving accountability.

Due Date

Directly linked to Status, this is the time at which you are required to complete this stage in your workflow.

The date presented will either be automatically configured, or be selected, upon completion of the prior stage in the workflow.

Additional Actions

Depending on your workflow set up, you may have the option to perform Additional Actions at each stage in your process.

This could be to “Edit Customer Details” or to “Add Attachment”.

Help Text

Workflows help to facilitate simple and straightforward work.

To ensure everyone is delivering the same service in the same, desired manner, every action you define in Anthill is presented with help text and advice on how best to carry out the task.

By including rationale and best practice instructions, you can learn while you work and emulate the highest standards on every occasion.

Logging Progress

Should a task not be completed, you can record this, along with the “why”, using the Log Progress button.

This will present you with the relevant options as to why the task cannot be completed and, importantly, give you the option the schedule the task for a suitable future date.

As soon as you have set the rescheduled date, the activity will be changed to a healthy status. When the new date arrives, you will be notified on your dashboard that the task is due again.

Using these rescheduling options means your processes can adapt to customer availability without letting them slip down the priority level.

Main Action

To complete the current task, click the large Action button that will be colours in your company colour.

The text within the action button will change according to the type of task you are being asked to complete.

After clicking the button, you will be presented with the appropriate form allowing you to provide the information required.

This could be a date and time for an appointment, information about the customer or a file to upload.

For additional actions that might be relevant at this step of the workflow, use the arrow to access a sub menu.

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