3 New Years Resolutions For Your Business In 2021

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A new year can only mean one thing, new years resolutions!

But we’re not talking about signing up for a gym only to never go.

Or quitting drinking and succumbing to temptation one dark January Friday.

We mean business.

And the question you should be asking yourself is what are you going to do to make 2021 better than 2020 for your organisation?

Why Does My Company Need Resolutions?

Last year was arguably the most challenging many of us have ever faced.

And yet we made it through!

But we can’t rest on our laurels and as a business owner, team leader or individual contributor, we must always strive to improve.

It can often be overwhelming to look at a whole organisation and pin point areas to resolve.

But when we commit to change, it helps us focus on what matters most to us and what steps we need to take to make the adjustments we most desire.

So Anthill have got the ball rolling for you.

Here are 3 ideas for business resolutions you can act upon immediately:

Align Processes To Long-Term Goals, Not Short-Term Challenges

This might sound like an odd question, but does every activity that you perform actually help move the needle toward your goals?

2020 more than any year showed us that adaptability was an essential character trait both for our own selves and our organisations.

But were the changes you made simply reactionary, or considered adjustments to remain on the straight and narrow to success?

With this in mind, take a review of each stage of a process and think, does each step help me achieve my aim?

If not, think how can it be altered to do so or remove it completely.

If it doesn’t help the business to achieve it’s long term goals, get rid.

Automate Time Consuming Tasks

Time is money, so why waste it.

If you are spending too much time on menial, administrative tasks, explore avenues to improve efficiency.

Anywhere from 20% – 40% of your revenue is lost due to process inefficiencies.

Automation can be a powerful tool for eradicating resource depleting and time consuming tasks.

Sales feedback surveys or marketing emails, when triggered automatically, can also act as a means of enhancing the customer experience.

By looking toward process improvements, your business becomes more efficient.

Collect And Review

With all the upheaval that 2020 brought, now is absolutely the time for reflection.

A great way to achieve this is to collect data from across the business and identify what did and didn’t work.

Then you can double down on those activities that proved most effective, and ditch those that aren’t as rewarding.

The root of every business resolution, in one form or another, is revenue.

So why would you want to be using precious resources on campaigns or activities that generate less positive outcomes than others?

It can sometimes be challenging to be honest with yourself, especially when it’s your organisation or your team.

Only through critical review can you eliminate that which didn’t work.

Now we’ve got you thinking, what’s your business resolution for 2021?

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