3 Ways Process Can Bridge Your Business Gaps

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A disconnected business cannot remain successful for long.

Whether you’re tackling disparate teams or disparate locations, a divided operation risks wasted resources and a lack of cohesion.

When groups don’t work together and share information, there is no consensus on company priorities.

This can result in wasted effort and failure to meet goals.


For a siloed business, falling behind the competition is an inevitable reality.

So if you find yourself in such an unenviable situation, how can you work to bridge your business gaps?

It’s actually quite simple. Get back to basics, and focus on implementing consistent, quality processes.

Align Your Teams

You can’t create a harmony if you’re not all singing from the same hymn sheet. You might be making all the right noises but there is no order.

Imagine such distortion in your business. This lack of alignment will only result in jarring customer experiences.

Inconsistency across stores, products or even individuals can only negatively impact upon how your customers view your offering.

“When everyone on the team can access the necessary information, you’ll find more consistent performance from employees.”


Instead, process allows you to implement your version of best practice business wide.

By having everyone deliver the same experience across the board, no matter how a customer interacts with you, their encounter will be the same.

The end result is not only a more coordinated workforce, but your customers become happy beneficiaries of a slicker, more streamlined customer experience.

KPIs That Count

Every organisation has key metrics by which they judge success. It could be the number of new projects, annual revenue or hitting a certain NPS score.

Whatever they may be, if each action your team are taking is not, in some way, moving the needle toward achieving them; their effort is being wasted.

By building your business aims into your process, you can orientate actions toward hitting your key metrics.

“90% of customers rate an “immediate” response to a customer service question as “important” or “very important”.


Rather than spreading yourself too thin, identify those figures which, should you reach certain levels, will guarantee a coordinated company providing the best possible experience.

In this way, process can bridge your business gaps by coordinating all activity toward organisational goals.

This in turn helps foster a collective identity where success is shared by all involved. When everyone is working toward the same goal, internal divides quickly slip away.

Knowledge Sharing To Bridge Your Business Gaps

Sharing is caring. But sharing isn’t easy between siloed departments or stores.

“86% of employees and executives cite a lack of collaboration, or ineffective communication, for workplace failures.”


Every business has their best performers, but how can everyone else tap into what works best for them if that information is tucked away, never to see the light of day?

Imagine you’re speaking with a client who has interacted with you before. How much better would you look, and their experience be, if you could tap into whatever those interactions were?

Being able to share expertise across the business allows for constant growth through iterative improvements.

Individuals can learn from one another, honing their skillsets to contribute to an ever improving processes.

So rather than one store accelerating way beyond the rest, accumulated expertise is shared allowing for everyone, and your business as a whole, to improve at optimum speed.

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