The 5 Stages Of Business Process Management

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Effectively managing your processes is essential for optimising operations and maximising your results.

But over time, companies can slip into the status quo. Comforted by the familiar, the drive for change can wane.

And yet, if you’re not looking for ways to evolve and improve, you’ll slowly fall back behind the competition.

Losing ground and losing customers.

It’s time to halt the slide.

“Business process management is a way to improve and standardise processes in an organisation.

It can eliminate human error and process gaps while improving efficiency and compliance.”

Adopting business process management allows an organisation to turn the lens inward.

To spot areas of weakness, explore alternative paths and implement positive change.

“81% of respondents who initiated bpm cycles experienced savings of at least 16%.”


The process itself has 5 distinct stages.

By following them, evolution for driving sustainable success becomes a serious possibility.

5 Stages Of Business Process Management

As with many organisational concepts, business process management has a lifecycle.

In this instance, the 5 phases naturally feed into one another.

The nuance for BPM however, is that the process never ends.

In essence, you can never finish optimising.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets take a look at the 5 stages of business process management individually:

Stage 1: Design

Think of this stage as setting the scene.

An opportunity to get key stakeholders together, review current workflows and pinpoint your desired future outcomes.

Your main aim here is to spot areas of weakness, understand how you can address them and line up any actions with overarching business aims.

Stage 2: Model

With focus areas highlighted, replacement processes need to be modelled.

Speak to those on the frontline and garner their input as to how you can improve workflows in line with real world issues.

Once you’ve accounted for various areas of the business, you can finalise your new way of working.

Stage 3: Execute

From theory to action, it’s time to begin implementing your new business processes.

Consider testing it with a smaller user base before the team at large to allow creases to be ironed out.

Utilising workflow software will ensure both adoption of and adherence to new processes, with explainers available to justify the new approach.

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Stage 4: Monitor

Within the modelling stage, KPIs should’ve been established to identify metrics against which you can gauge success.

The monitor stage is where you hone in on these statistics, accounting for both the new process at large and each stage within.

Don’t be downbeat if bumps in the road arise, they’re to be expected.

But equally, showcase a willing to improve and a step in the right direction.

Stage 5: Optimise

Providing you’re monitoring effectively, stage 5 is the natural progression.

Business process management is a continual operation, and tweaks can always be made to optimise and improve.

You simply restart the cycle and design the alternative.

When Should I Initiate Business Process Management?

If not now, when? There’s no time like the present.

As an organisation, if you’re not progressing, you’re falling behind.

The familiar may be comfortable, but with purse strings tightening and competition becoming ever fiercer, you can’t afford to fall behind.

You’ll likely have one part of your existing process which is a real bug bear.

A workaround that’s always annoying but you haven’t done anything about it.

Your business process management journey starts here.

Now is the time to change.

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