How To Make Your Team Follow A Consistent Process

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For 99% of organisations, delivering a consistent process, and a high quality customer experience, is a top priority. Especially among enterprises operating across multiple sites.

For these sorts of businesses, leaders are often kept awake at night wondering how to get everyone aligned, and improve consistency, across a disparate location of stores.

The risks of not doing so mounting in their minds.

“Consistency requires a commitment to making a lasting change.”


Problem is, ensuring this symmetry doesn’t simply happen overnight.

It takes time to learn which stores are excelling, which need improving and where tools need to be put in place for controlling that process.

Installing a standardised, best practice approach to projects takes more than finding the right process and templates.

Your team also needs stability and consistency to improve project outcomes and measure overall progress.

“Processes shouldn’t be operated with a set and forget mindset.

You need to be consistently evaluating them to identify what’s not working, and then use that information to build more ideal systems for your team.”


The benefits of achieving consistency are innumerable, the challenge is reaching that pinnacle.

Pick Your Process

Whether you’re at the start of your process alignment journey, or well down the path, it’s critical to focus on one particular process at a time.

“Developing consistency goes against human nature. It’s burdensome, especially at first, and takes a lot of energy.

Don’t make the process even more challenging by trying to do too much all at once. The trick is to pick one goal to focus on at a time.”


Initiating change and receiving a positive reaction and adoption takes time. And too much at once can become disorientating.

To achieve the best results, and increase your chances of installing a consistent process effectively, pick one particular aspect of your workflow and hone in on it.

Embarking upon a period of discovery can help you isolate the process most in need of improvement. Likewise, taking the time to collect all the relevant data, and varying approaches from all contributors, helps identify what best practice for that process actually looks like for you.

Once that has been ironed out, it’s time to act.

Implement & Scale Your Process

The next stage after selection, is implementing and scaling.

“When everyone on the team can access the necessary information, you’ll find more consistent performance from employees.”

The Balance

With the focus on incremental improvement, for one process at a time, it becomes much easier to introduce your desired workflows.

Trialling the new approach on a smaller sample size, before going company wide, gives an insight into real world application. It’s easier to make tweaks now than after you’ve begun to align everyone to the new way of thinking.

New research suggests that it could take months to permanently change your behaviour. The key to a successful implementation and scaling is to benchmark.

If you’re not benchmarking your performance, you’re just playing with yourself.”

10 Essential Skills For Process Management Success

By noticing and celebrating the small wins you achieve along the way, you can keep everyone engaged whilst proving the positive impact of installing the consistent process.

Having each individual, store or region working to the same format means fewer gaps are left as accountability increases and transferable insight elevates the abilities of everyone involved.

Rather than stumbling at the first hurdle, having a consistent process ensures your teams can adopt a winning formula for maximum performance.

Manage Your Consistent Process

With your process selected and implemented; there is only one real way to ensure your team follow it consistently.

A way to guarantee that, no matter what, everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet and presenting your customers with the best experience available.

That solution, is effective process management.

“When conducted effectively, streamlined processes can revolutionise a business, setting it on an upward trajectory to outperform all competitors.”


Investing the time in discovering your best practice workflow, implementing it’s application across the team and managing it’s ongoing operation is the only way to deliver the best version of your business, 100% of the time.

And it is through communicating the value of consistency to each contributing actor that engaging with process, and effectively managing actions on an operational scale, becomes second nature.

Effective process management allows for the same experience to be delivered irrespective of how, where or why a client interacts; no matter how dispersed your teams.

It is through consistency at scale you can begin to see wholesale improvements for the better.

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