9 Signs You’re Managing Company Chaos & How To Solve It

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Think you’re managing company chaos? You’re not alone.

Business doesn’t naturally become ordered. It takes time and effort to align every cog to mesh perfectly together.

“To create a meaningful, collaborative environment, it’s important to set clear goals and expectations, foster team cohesion, and celebrate the wins.”

As in nature, irrespective of the best intentions, everything tends to disorder.

Because of this, companies must find solutions to eradicate the creeping onset of chaos and put systems in place to restore and maintain order.

But how to stop the rot?

What are the signs you should be looking out for that could suggest you’re subconsciously managing company chaos?

9 Signs You’re Managing Company Chaos

The first step in solving a problem is acknowledging it’s existence.

Burying your head in the sand is a sure fire route to halting growth and decreasing customer satisfaction.

So rather than ignoring a challenging reality, you must face the truth, ask the tough questions and evaluate whether or not your operating at full capacity.

To help analyse your own business, we’ve pinpointed 9 signs of chaos you should be looking out for:

1 – A lack of task prioritisation.

2 – An absence of policies and procedures for routine operations.

3 – Minimal organisational communication, putting everyone on the back foot.

4 – Increased sales not necessarily resulting in increased profit but rather an increase in stress levels.

5 – A high rate of employee churn.

6 – Zero accountability owing to a lack of clarity on employee responsibilities.

7 – Missed opportunities resulting in frustrated customers.

8 – Meetings become ineffective as complaining and moaning take precedence over active discussion.

9 – Reactive rather than proactive business planning.

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How To Bring Calm To The Chaos

Any of the 9 sounding familiar?

Well if you’re concerned that standards are slipping, or that customers may not be getting the service you want, it’s time to act.

Here are 5 simple and straightforward solutions to managing company chaos you can introduce to your business today.

Restore Order With Data

Countless companies are basing revenue defining decisions off information that is either out of date or just plain wrong!

So rather than spending your evenings sifting through spreadsheets to find out what’s going on, you need to implement a single source of truth.

Without knowing precisely where the chaos is emanating from, you can’t begin to put solutions in place to restore order.

Being able to take a quick glance at the state of play ensures you’re no longer chasing your tail or guessing where things are going wrong.


Chaos reigns where communication is absent.

If teams are collaborating on a project, but not discussing their actions or how they can help one another, duplication and missed opportunities will naturally follow.

Having regular meetings and clear communication channels helps eradicate the confusion.

Replace the quiet with constructive discussion to align the organisation toward a collective goal.

Improve Your Business Processes

The third course of action in replacing chaos with calm is to improve processes across the business.

Standardising best practice, allocating appropriate resources and implementing templated project documents and assets will guarantee that customers are experiencing the best version of your business, 100% of the time.

Rather than a combined absence of prioritisation, policy and proactive planning, improving processes to reflect idealised standards will remove any doubt as to how critical tasks should be performed and when they should take place.

Evolve & Iterate

Directly connected to improving processes, evolution is not a one off event.

When an enhanced process has been introduced, there is a requirement to track, review, refine and repeat.

It is only through regular evaluation that you can continue to identify areas of strength and weakness to either double down on or remove.

Build For The Future

Last of all, ensure you’re building for the future by aligning each and every member of the team to your one vision or goal.

Establish effective communication channels.

Introduce accountability of actions.

Empower employees to increase productivity and engagement.

With Anthill you can bring calm to the chaos, put your customers at the heart of your operation and establish a solid platform for secure growth.

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