The Problem With Inconsistent Process & How To Rectify It

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Organisational processes exist for a reason. They guide and dictate the actions of your team in line with your bespoke version of best practice.

But what happens when workflows aren’t followed? If processes are inconsistent, what is the knock on effect for both colleagues and customers alike?

The risk of missed opportunities or unsolved issues inevitably skyrockets. Problems bubble up to the surface and hard earned reputations begin to erode.

There is, however, a solution.

Below, we shall first explore the risks associated with inconsistent process but also offer a way to rectify it.

An approach that will work for your business to streamline and align everyone across your organisation.

Let’s jump in.

Undefined Experience

No matter how, where or why customers interact with your business, the experience should be the same.

“Customer experience is the latest competitive battleground. It pays to consistently stand out from the crowd.”

The Power Of Customer Experience

It shouldn’t matter which store a prospective client exploring their brand new project with you enters or which channel an existing customer comes to you with a support query.

Consistency matters.

You wouldn’t want to experience a dramatically varying level of service according to your actions. And neither do your customers.

Instead of being made up from several, isolated interactions; your customer experience should feel like a single, flowing entity.

As well as these external, customer facing issues, an undefined experience likewise creates problems internally.

When different teams or locations, operate in entirely different manners, collaboration becomes a major challenge.

And when communication breaks down, and your staff aren’t on the same page, how can you consistently deliver the best version of your business?

Risk Of Mistakes

Breaking down the internal knock on effect of undefined experience even further; inconsistent process can lead to mistakes occurring all too often.

Sure, mistakes happen. They’re part and parcel of everyday life let alone a growing business.

But they can be kept to a minimum.

If your team isn’t following a defined process, the risk of crucial workflow stages being missed increases exponentially.

“Companies shouldn’t delay investing in dedicated software systems that can streamline and automate customer facing processes, reduce errors and eliminate inconsistencies.

When a company’s process doesn’t track all interactions and tie them together across all channels then the customer will receive a fragmented customer experience.”

Harvard Business Review

The problem, and risk, of this being the case is that instead of a cooperative unit, your organisation acts like a team of individuals.

When business functions aren’t aligned, work can be duplicated and delays become the norm as a lack of cohesion destroys your efficiency and productivity.

Neither of these outcomes provide the stable grounding your company needs to continue the grow and best serve your customers.

Damage To Customer Opinion

Speaking of customers, the external results of inconsistent process and associated mistakes can do significant damage to customer experience.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Warren Buffett

All the delays, or lack of communication within your business that occurs as a result of a fragmented process has a direct impact upon your customers.

Their project takes longer than expected to complete. They lack required information to remain engaged. They can’t contact you when things go wrong.

Without consistency within your business, you can’t hope to delight your customers at every turn.

When process falls by the wayside, experience deteriorates and customers become either disengaged, or if they are yet to buy, jump to be better served by your competitors at the first opportunity.

The Solution To Inconsistent Process?

Although the risks of inconsistent process are numerous and serious in equal measure, there is a solution.

A way to ensure your team are singing from the same hymn sheet and sticking to the process which you’ve proven provides customers with the best version of yourself.

Simply put, that solution is effective process management.

“When conducted effectively, streamlined processes can revolutionise a business, setting it on an upward trajectory to outperform all competitors.”

Process Management 101

Investing the time in discovering your best practice workflow, implementing it’s application across the team and managing it’s ongoing operation is the only way to deliver the best version of your business, 100% of the time.

The problem with inconsistent process ultimately boils down to a lack of control.

There is no guarantee you’ll run as effectively as possible or satisfy your customers to their desired level.

Instead, by engaging with process, and effectively managing actions on an operational scale, control becomes second nature.

No matter how, where or why a client interacts, their experience is the same. No matter how dispersed your teams, collaboration remains constant and internal workings streamlined.

Process provides the safety net you need to ensure nobody ever slips through the gaps.

So if you’re struggling to align your teams to your operational goals, or finding it difficult to deliver the same experience to customers across the organisation, take the time to reflect on your process.

It is through consistency at scale you can begin to see wholesale improvements for the better.

Your colleagues and customers alike will thank you for it.

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