Why Retailers Need A Service Partner, Not A Service Provider

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Using the best of breed technology is of paramount importance for retailers embracing digital transformation.

Many companies will be embarking upon fresh projects at the turn of the year. With the need for digital assistance looming ever larger in the race to stay ahead of the competition,

Because of this reliance on digital support, organisations must be able to wholeheartedly trust their service partner.

For more successful and productive engagements, look for service partners that aren’t just after your money.

These are the ones that are truly invested in meeting your needs and helping your organisation succeed.


The right technologies can supplement your internal business expertise, elevating performance to new found heights.

By contrast, choosing incorrectly can seriously jeopardise your chances of success.

To this end, organisations need service partners, more than service providers. It is a vital distinction, upon which sustainable success can hang in the balance.

Partners, Not Providers

Your own customers lean on your expertise to ensure they achieve their aims and goals.

In much the same fashion, aspirational companies need to know that their support networks will be there for them.

“When choosing a vendor, 77% of buyers take into consideration whether or not the brand will support their company’s goals”.

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Whether it’s automating essential communications as part of a world class customer experience.

Streamlining data capture to improve internal efficiencies.

Or aligning disparate teams to your proven, best practice way of working.

A true service partner can be the hidden superhero of your team.

What To Look For In A Service Partner

But how can you see through to the true intentions of your service suitors?

“Almost 1 in 5 reported that their biggest turn-off is vendors acting more like vendors than partners”.

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Many can talk a good game, but not all can deliver when you need them most.

Here are 3 tell-tale signs to look out for to ensure you land upon a company that sees you as a valued client, not a revenue figure.

1: Understands Your Needs

A true service partner will endeavour to understand the ins and outs of your company and it’s specific needs.

Rather than providing a blanket approach, experiences are tailored to suit individual circumstances.

This ensures that clients receive appropriate service solutions rather than out of the box rigidity.

2: Transparency & Communication

If you can’t engage your service partner, how can you hope to rely on them when you most need to.

“Collaboration is a no-brainer for any business seeking to improve the customer experience.”


Likewise, the full extent of the relationship should be transparent from the outset so as to set realistic expectations.

Success isn’t worth risking if you can’t tap into the expertise of your service partner to elevate your own operation.

3: Extension Of Your Operation

A service provider will often disappear the moment you sign on the dotted line.

By contrast, a true service partner will collaborate you from the get go and throughout.

As your operation evolves, so too should the relationship you hold as the service offering becomes, over time, more of an extension of your offering than third party support.

It’s time to ditch the providers. Retailers aiming for the stars need a service partner who can back them up at every turn.

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