4 Ways Technology Is Redefining The In-Store Retail Experience

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As technology continues to expand across every aspect of our lives, it comes as no surprise that retail customers expect to see a digital transformation taking place in the stores they visit.

Change that began with barcodes and chip and pin machines has since evolved into self checkouts, interconnected sale systems and active stock management.

“Today’s shoppers have more product and store options at their fingertips than ever before.

They’re discerning, savvy and happy to go elsewhere if you they don’t enjoy doing business with you.”


Now a new wave of opportunities are coming, designed to further enhance the in-store customer experience.

Here are 4 ways you can use technology to enhance your offering and position yourself as the cutting-edge retailer of choice.


As much as making large purchases brings a great deal of excitement to customers, there is also a level of anxiety around how well a display item will look in a customer’s own home.

Enter AR & VR technologies.

Introducing a viable try before you buy opportunity can drastically reduce buyer anxiety as well as push excitement to even higher levels.

Where once there was concern, now customers can see their dream becoming a reality before their eyes.

Data At Your Fingertips

Familiarity used to rely on an individual recognising either the employee or customer from previous visits.

Now, staff using handled devices, with remote access to a wealth of customer data, can deliver personalised interactions and pick up wherever the customer left off.

Whether that be an existing opportunity, or more granular knowledge around specific brand interest, having data at your fingertips can help make the customer feel like the true priority for a retailer who cares.

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Brand Recognition

For the vast majority of customers, their buying journey begins online.

Now with the help of technology, you can ensure a seamless transition between your online and offline presence.

“The best thing about technology is that it allows you to connect your offline and online worlds.

Customers expect a complete shopping experience, which you can give with the help of technology.”


A disconnect can be jarring, especially when a customer has already taken 50% of the steps to purchase.

Reinforcing brand assets across channels helps create a streamlined experience for customers, making sure they feel connected to your company over a competitor.

Managerial Insight & Optimisation

Bringing it all together, collecting data across staff and stores alike allows your managerial teams to gain vital insight into in-store experiences enabling future optimisation.

Whether that is to promote certain brands, match high intent online pages with window displays or help provide training on problem areas, technology can elevate the customer’s perception of your organisation.

Knowing how to stay ahead of the curve is essential.

Using technology, and the data it provides, to put your a the forefront of in-store experience is equally critical.

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