Integration Overview: Anthill & Campaign Monitor

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As part of Anthill’s integration suite, customers can connect their system with Campaign Monitor.

Utilising this integration allows you to segment, monitor and manage your marketing campaigns directly from within Anthill.

If you’re looking to facilitate the integration itself, visit our easy installation guide here.

Otherwise, read on to find out how integrating Anthill with Campaign Monitor can revolutionise how your organisation approaches customer communications.

Why Integrate?

Powerful Segmentation.

Targeting that reflects individual customer activity and recognises significant milestones in your bespoke customer journey.

Personalisation At Scale.

Dynamic data population for customer communications that count.

Simplified Campaign Management.

No more labour intensive data governance, Anthill does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

How Our Integration Works

Powerful Segmentation.

Truly impactful communications deliver precisely the right message, to the right individual at the right time.

Within Anthill, you have the capability to create powerful segments which target specific subsets of your live database.

Therefore, highly crafted campaigns, with hyper-targeted messaging, can be triggered for specific sets of circumstances to continue progressing opportunities toward a positive outcome.

Think reigniting lost leads. Encouraging repeat purchases from existing customers. Sharing timely offer codes to convert live enquiries.

Below is a real life example of Anthill’s powerful segmentation in action…

For this campaign, recipients have purchased a kitchen, spent over £10,000 in the transaction and are based in Harrogate.

This level of targeting ensures blanket communications are a thing of the past.

Replaced instead by interactions that delight customers, make them feel special and generate a memorable customer experience.

Personalisation At Scale.

Adding an additional string to the bow of segmentation, Anthill enables in depth personalisation, of hyper targeted emails, at scale.

Taking a look at the example below, the opportunities are clear to see.

Imagine personalising according to which member of staff your customer engaged with. Or their design dislikes. Even their specific project type.

According to recent studies, 71% of people feel frustrated when an experience is impersonal.

The power of personalisation in your customer communications cannot be underestimated.

Simplified Campaign Management.

Finally, integrating Anthill and Campaign Monitor makes creating and scheduling campaigns a breeze.

Within Anthill you can choose the type of communication to suit your needs and build a bank of personalised templates curated for specific milestones and segments.

From here, Anthill transfers all of your subscriber data directly to Campaign Monitor.

No more laborious list management. No more importing and exporting of csv files.

This transfer is undertaken prior to every send so you know for sure that your targeting is accurate and can be relied upon.

Anthill also syncs any new unsubscribe data back between your system and Campaign Monitor to ensure your live lists are always up to date.

Furthermore, engagement reports, in both Anthill and Campaign Monitor, ensure you can fully assess the effectiveness of your communications and double down on that which works best for your operation.

From individual customer engagement drilldown through to metrics on location and beyond.

This level of business intelligence ensures no budget is wasted and each customer, no matter their circumstances, receives the best possible communications.

If you have any other Integration Queries, please visit the Integrations Hub or Contact Us directly.

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