Create Leads From Facebook Ads With Zapier

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Welcome to the Anthill Guide on how to Create Leads from Facebook Ads with Zapier!

The following document will outline how to:

  • Send your Facebook Lead ads straight into Anthill
  • Track performance by campaign and ad group through to site
  • Trigger automated confirmation emails to customer
  • Instantly alert your sales team
  • Track response times and conversions by user

Anthill allows you to send Facebook Leads directly into your Anthill system by connecting Facebook with our Zapier app.

Below we shall explain how this can be achieved.

You will require a Zapier account and your Anthill API details to complete the process.

Step 1: Linking Accounts

Log in to your Zapier Account.

Select “Create A Zap”.

For your Trigger App, select Facebook Leads.

Select “New Lead” for the Trigger.

Connect to your Facebook Account.

Step 2: Edit Your Integration

For “Edit Options”, select the page the Lead Ad is on and from the drop down menu select your Lead Ad. Add samples and press continue.

For the “Action” step, choose Anthill. You may need to receive an invite to view the Anthill app.

Next, choose “Create Anthill Lead” then click save and continue.

Step 3: Align With Anthill

Connect your Anthill account by using your subdomain and the unique key that will have been provided to you.

Under Setup Preview, you will need to select your “Lead Type” and “Customer Type”. Contact Anthill about this if you are unsure.

In the edit template section, you can match the data coming across from Facebook with the fields in Anthill.

Required fields like “Source” can be pre-filled by entering the required data. e.g. Facebook.

If you have any other Integration Queries, please visit the Integrations Hub or Contact Us directly.

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