Product Release: April 2022

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The following post documents the latest Product Release and Updates to the Anthill platform; they are:

CAD Integration – Design from Anywhere with Anthill!

Major new product feature to provide an optimal user experience and advanced insights for businesses. By connecting your preferred CAD package to Anthill you are able to:

  • Start new CAD projects from the customer record in Anthill – no more double keying!
  • Open designs from Anthill to access from any location – no more shared drives!
  • Manage quote groups and see the full revision history in Anthill
  • See full line level detail in Anthill; pricing, products, ranges, images, margin, suppliers
  • Add custom items to quotes in Anthill for additional costings
  • Convert designs to orders with automatic linking to suppliers for purchasing
  • Link product groups to accounting codes for auto allocation during invoicing
  • Create branded PDF quotes with personalisation from showroom, designer and customer
  • Create sales agreements with full breakdown of purchases
  • Capture customer signatures in person or via DocuSign

Xero Integration Updates

New integrations area for power users to configure integrations.

  • Added automatic profit tracking feature
  • Added notification to invoice creator when payment reconciled via bank feed
  • Create bills in Xero from Supplier Invoices within Anthill
  • New can approve invoice and can approve supplier invoices permissions
  • Link suppliers in Anthill with contacts in Xero

CRM & Process

  • New two column interface for improved forms and data capture
  • Improved handling for checkboxes and forms
  • Search page enhancement – auto checks for ref search and adjusts
  • New archive attachment feature and improved attachment layout
  • Improvements for adding multiple attachments at once
  • Ability to auto add user as resource following appointment being created for them
  • Ability to auto re-assign activity to user allocated to appointment
  • Ability to re-open closed activities with option to select workflow step
  • All day setting for appointments
  • New auto complete post code lookup to allow user to type first line of address
  • Customer history improvements on mobile – defaults to activity being viewed with option to see all
  • Further opportunity management for multiple quote groups
  • New payments ability to track confirmed and unconfirmed status
  • New user permission for ‘can confirm payments’
  • Activities off hold re-schedule the workflow for the date they become live again
  • Re-schedule workflow UI added to create appointment, send email and add update windows
  • Mobile number added to customer / contact preview if populated
  • Support area notification added to ticket type
  • Commas supported for custom fields with decimal formatting
  • Location specific purchase order account numbers


  • Ability to allow users to change data range for dashboards based on date custom fields
  • New quad dashboard layout
  • Creating new screen auto publishes it to the creating user
  • Duplicating screens automatically navigates the user to the new screen for review / editing
  • Improved options for data sources
  • New sale outputs for % ordered and % received
  • New customisable options for data range quick links (fixed e.g. Q1 or dynamic e.g. last 3 months)


  • New On Demand delivery options to restrict delivery to none customer resources
  • Location custom field data accessible for document generation
  • Ability to delete scheduled campaigns awaiting to be sent
  • New base template importer and management capabilities

Quoting / Ordering

  • New quote group feature to group quote revisions together e.g. Main Room, Second Room
  • Improved UI for converting quotes to sales with option to combine quotes into one order
  • New abilities for quote management: Transfer, Copy, Import
  • New ability to set / deselect one of more quotes as selected – which updates header values
  • Quote tab association to account package cost codes
  • View quote UI updated with notes and tab groups
  • New Create PDF prompt with option to send via email
  • New can delete quote permission
  • Area calculator for allowing users to enter dimensions to calculate price based on catalogue data
  • Create sale from quote action button disabled after selection to prevent additional clicks
  • New interface to visualise order status by stage
  • New interface for order amendments from quote revisions
  • New order line group feature
  • Automatic allocation of cost code to catalogue items
  • Group order lines by Supplier, Order Status or Category
  • Invoice templates for automatic calculation for part payments
  • Ability to delete warehouses and edit warehouses
  • Ability to associate warehouses to locations to restrict selection during purchasing
  • Added Supplier contact number

System Admin

  • Added ability to move locations between areas and regions.
  • Export location data from route level
  • Clone user option
  • Re-open sale permission with workflow stage prompt
  • Admin only ability to cancel any workflow action
  • Ability to test integration connections via integration area
  • View custom fields by group in admin area
  • New invoice permissions for advanced control of user operations by role (can create/can approve etc)
  • New UI to create filter types and invoice templates
  • Activity label change rolled out to all navigation (Create Issue vs Create Ticket)

Keep your eyes peeled for further Product Releases and Updates over the coming months, we’re always looking to improve Anthill to enhance your experience.

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