Product Release: August 2021

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The following post documents the latest Product Release and Updates to the Anthill platform; they are:

Anthill Support Area

New ticket system to contact our Support Team with support and system change requests. Read more here

Integrations Hub

New integrations area for power users to configure integrations.

CRM & Process

  • Repeating appointments for customers and staff
  • New, cleaner workflow interface with clear call to action button
  • New document generation interface for easier usage
  • Convert quotes from quote builder
  • In-person signature capture during document generation
  • New calendar user permissions to restrict users to only seeing their own appointments
  • New calendar user permissions to default to seeing only their appointments
  • Automatic email notification to users when an activity is assigned to them
  • Reference searches link directly to the activity page
  • Fixed issue editing appointments on activities that don’t allow the appointment type.
  • Fixed issue with invoice not pulling customer address
  • Fixed issue with page refresh on calendar team view
  • New option to re-activate lead when cancelling sale.
  • New undo feature after calendar appointment is changed via drag and drop
  • User selection UI improved. When you enter the box the existing name is removed until you either select a new one are exist the control.
  • Cancel appointments option for users when closing an activity
  • Send on demand email templates from mobile interface
  • Re-opening a lead prompts for workflow stage


  • Screen level filters now available via builder. Set filters once for all widgets on a dashboard.
  • New data sources for Invoices, Purchase Orders, Suppliers and Locations
  • Null/Empty values are now respected on drilldown for all charts
  • Fixed issue with drilldown on charts grouped by location
  • Tick box to enforce a red colour scheme on widgets
  • Fixed issue with rename dashboards that have been pinned to other users
  • Added apiuser to the CreatedBy user filter
  • Total Payments added to sale data source
  • Ability to add a user’s Last Update to dashboard table and set filters by last update type
  • New ‘One Row Per’ for tables to allow new groupings and navigation
  • New filters for Region/Area/Location levels
  • Improved table display and configuration options


  • Improved default text in on demand email template placeholders to support long text
  • Calendar based emails automatically include iCal file for customers to add to their chosen calendar
  • New JSON endpoints for create Accounts and Activities in one post
  • New segmentation options added to the builder for Last Updated and Dead Reason
  • Ability to trigger emails to all contacts for an activity
  • Create Order and Create Issue triggers added to Zapier App
  • New API method to retrieve accounts that have been updated between two dates. Main usage for integration logic
  • Ability to sent test emails when dynamic placeholders used in email header settings
  • Create Email Templates by importing HTML


  • Customisable email notifications to suppliers
  • Create issues from order lines for product issue tracking
  • Read only permissions for ordering tab

System Admin

  • Sort Fields: New button in the control admin area to reorder the controls alphabetically
  • List Item Ordering: Default behaviour to automatically order items in a list alphabetically. This can be switched off at control level if required using ‘prevent list ordering’
  • Restricted User Assignment: New option to restrict which user groups are allowed to have an activity type assigned to them. For example, Product Leads can only be assigned to the sale team. This would prevent Fitters or Directors from being shown in the list.
  • New Additional Workflow Purposes: Ability to create specific types of activities from secondary purpose links. e.g new brochure enquiry or new complaint issue
  • Workflow Admin: Visibility of the area and stage in list view, actions with background logic appear in red.
  • Cancel action options: New config at action level to allow custom cancellation reasons so the options make sense according to the step the user is on. When used this replaces the stock ‘Action not required’
  • User Account History: New audit log of changes to user accounts.
  • Export Location Data into Excel via the admin area
  • Ability to hide add payment box on sale creation
  • Restricted users groups available for customer types

Keep your eyes peeled for further Product Releases and Updates over the coming months, we’re always looking to improve Anthill to enhance your experience.

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