Product Release: August 2023

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The following post documents the latest Product Release and Updates to the Anthill platform available in August.

Winner Flex Integration – NEW

  • Create Projects in Flex from Anthill
  • Automatic sync of full data from Flex into Anthill
  • Winner documents automatically arrive in Anthill
  • Easy browse and import project – no e01 file needed!

Xero Integration – Updated

  • Multi currency support
  • Line discounting support
  • Sub total added to dashboard builder

Zapier Integration – Updated

  • Find Customer
  • Customer & Address data available with activity records

General Updates

  • Permission based ability to lock and unlock orders according to role
  • Un-reserving an item adds it to stock
  • New ability to restrict creation of documents by team
  • New account based widget admin UI
  • Ability to send on demand email from update
  • On demand email UI improved for multiple contacts
  • New every other week ability for repeating appointments
  • New auto archive switch for quotes types
  • Multiple email types via workflow restricts to those only
  • Importers for suppliers, users and locations
  • Restriction add to stop winner quotes being converted to
    sales with full data e.g 0 qty or null label.
  • Document editor admin interface

Keep your eyes peeled for further Product Releases and Updates over the coming months, we’re always looking to improve Anthill to enhance your experience.

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