Product Release: December 2022

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The following post documents the latest Product Release and Updates to the Anthill platform available in December.

Winner Integration Updates

  • Importing designs includes perspective image
  • Exporting from Winner creates a cleaner folder structure (by customer not revision)
  • Improved Winner crash handling – open DRW file from recovery files menu
  • Lines with no supplier (e.g Fright or Installation) added as not requiring ordering
  • Block Code available at Purchase Order stage
  • Import handles multiple items with same codes
  • Link to Supplier checks Supplier ID and Supplier Name – Enables customer friendly Supplier Names in Anthill
  • Order amendment process extended to include item attributes
  • Item Groups in winner are automatically created as quote tab in Anthill during sync

The latest winner agent (v15.5) required for some functionality – click here to download.

Ordering Updates

  • Ability to supress financial data on PO document by supplier
  • New configuration option for Our Reference for PO document
  • External Reference for suppliers
  • The user and date shown on PO when cancelled
  • Edit stock items code and description
  • Improved delivery note display and flow
  • Search warehouses by Item Code or Customer
  • Export order lines to CSV includes full warehouse location and improved file name format
  • Option to cancel a PO by downloading the PDF
  • Improved Order Amendment flow with apply all option for changes
  • New Invoice template option for Combine Orderlines into a single line e.g 10% deposit
  • Ability to move stock between warehouses

General Updates

  • Ability to change the type of attachment after uploading
  • New capture widget feature to support copying widget data into other channels (WhatsApp / PowerPoint)
  • Ability to display % and value for charts
  • Import / Export workflows from CSV
  • Copy custom fields configuration with JSON
  • On Demand emails available at customer level
  • Calculated fields available on mobile
  • Survey creation available in admin area
  • Bulk data importer in admin area (Customers, Enquiries, Leads, Sales)
  • Assign user details available in templates placeholders
  • Sale permission ‘Always allow edit’ extended to cover order line management
  • Workflow type added to dashboard builder
  • Ability to delete warehouse, bay or shelf if not being used
  • Custom dead details available in dashboard builder
  • Multiple and Custom VAT rates support for quoting

Keep your eyes peeled for further Product Releases and Updates over the coming months, we’re always looking to improve Anthill to enhance your experience.

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