Product Release: March 2023

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The following post documents the latest Product Release and Updates to the Anthill platform available in March.

Ordering Updates

  • Ability to set the Due date for Xero invoices
  • Customise purchase order email subject and message
  • Set supplier defaults for purchase order email subject and message
  • Ability to add additional documents to PO email
  • Purchase order reference config now supports account custom fields eg Last Name
  • Simplified order amendment experience to highlight item changes
  • Financial details auto hidden by default, viewable with magnifying glass
  • Order amendments pricing alert layout improvements
  • Ability to restrict convert to sale to single only quote
  • Ability to hide combine quotes into single order
  • Auto stock check facility at order stage – alerts users if products already in stock
  • Warehouse search facility by customer / product code
  • New manage Orderlines permission to restrict order line edits to certain groups

Winner Integration Updates

  • Open multiple winner sessions at once
  • Items with no supplier default to not requiring ordering
  • Reserved catalogue automatically added for new suppliers
  • Variable vat rates for additional items now supported
  • Specification items removed from ordering process
  • Improved Winner crash handling
  • Profit calculation mode configuration setting

Winner Agent v15.10 or above is required for some functionality – click here to download.

General Updates

  • New secondary purpose and main purpose for WF branching (BW/BC/BT)
  • Admin and Sysadmin ability to change inflight workflow to new process
  • Discount / Promotional codes for quoting
  • New dashboard layout
  • Address custom fields available in dashboards and via API
  • Workflow attach file purpose supports fixing types for end user
  • Ability to add a note when re-assigning an activity – note shown in email and history
  • Stock page paging fixed
  • Scheduling marketing campaign checks for segment recipients and warns users if there are none.
  • Quote group titles can handle ‘
  • Attachment page display bug
  • Changes to restricted controls are hidden from the history
  • Workflow type added to dashboard builder
  • Ability to delete warehouse, bay or shelf if not being used
  • Custom dead details available in dashboard builder
  • Multiple and Custom VAT rates support for quoting
  • Discount / Promotional codes for quoting
  • Customer search supports _ in email addresses
  • re-opened activities removes closed date which has been skewing conversion reporting when activities are re-opened

Keep your eyes peeled for further Product Releases and Updates over the coming months, we’re always looking to improve Anthill to enhance your experience.

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