Amending & Cancelling Purchase Orders

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Welcome to the Anthill guide for Amending & Cancelling Purchase Orders.

This guide advises how to notify a supplier of a change to an order that has already been sent.

The Amend option should only be used when one or more items are still required from the supplier.

If all items are no longer required, the Cancel option should be used.

1. Amending A Purchase Order

Amending a Purchase Order allows the items that you wish to be ordered to keep their allocation with the supplier.

For example, your customer’s order contained three ovens originally and now they only require two, you can remove one of the ovens from the Purchase Order and re-send.

The PDF that the supplier receives will clearly show the removed item.

  • Open the Purchase Order
  • Click Amend
  • Use the bin icon to remove the required item(s)
  • Click Save Amendment
  • Click Send to send the notification email to the supplier

If you wish to notify the supplier outside of Anthill, you can Download and select Mark as Sent.

2. Cancelling A Purchase Order

Cancelling a Purchase Order should only be used when all items on the Purchase Order are no longer required.

For example, your customer order contained a fridge from Supplier A which has be discontinued and they have selected a model from Supplier B.

  • Open the Purchase Order
  • Click Cancel
  • Click Confirm to send the notification email to the supplier

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