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Amending & Cancelling Purchase Orders

Welcome to the Anthill guide for Amending & Cancelling Purchase Orders. This guide advises how to notify a supplier of a change to an order that has already been sent. The Amend option should only be used when one or more items are still required from the supplier. If all items are no longer required, […]

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Updating Orders From Quote Revisions

Welcome to the Anthill guide for Updating Orders From Quote Revisions. Here you can learn how to process changes to order lines post-sale agreement. When the sale is originally agreed with the customer, all quote lines are transferred to order lines ready for ordering with suppliers. As customers can change their mind, and to cater […]

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Managing Order Lines In Anthill

Welcome to the Anthill guide for managing order lines. This guide advises how to use order line features in Anthill; from purchase orders, supplier acknowledgement, stock allocation, warehouse management and dispatching. The ‘Ordering’ tab in the customer sale page contains all the functionality to manage your customer orders. Order Lines Order lines contain the details […]

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