Updating Orders From Quote Revisions

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Welcome to the Anthill guide for Updating Orders From Quote Revisions.

Here you can learn how to process changes to order lines post-sale agreement.

When the sale is originally agreed with the customer, all quote lines are transferred to order lines ready for ordering with suppliers.

As customers can change their mind, and to cater for issues with suppliers, you are able to revise the quotation and update the order lines from the new quote version with all detail being updated for you.

To start this process, open the connected lead and revise the quote, making the changes needed. Once saved, return to the sale record and click the ‘Update Orderlines From Quote’ button from within the Ordering tab.

You will then be presented with the different quote version.

Select the revision that you would like to update and click next.

You will then be taken through the following different stages:

1. Managing Item Changes

Updating your order may mean items have changed in a variety of ways.

You will be presented with a breakdown of items in the following groups, so you can review and see how the order will be changed.

Lines Already Ordered

These items have had purchase orders sent to the supplier.

When items appear in here, you will need to Cancel or Amend the relating purchase orders before being able to progress.

To Be Added

These are new items that will be added to the order.

No Change

These items that already existing in the order and will remain after the update.

To Be Removed

These items no longer exist on the selected quote revision and will safely be removed as they have not been ordered with the supplier.

2. Quote Pricing Alert

If any existing items have changed cost (from the supplier) or price (to the customer) you will be presented with the following screen to review the details.

If existing items have not changed price, this step will automatically be skipped.

To proceed, select the desired action for each item from the following options in the dropdown menu:

No Change : Ignore the price change and leave orderline pricing as it is currently.

Change Cost : Update the orderline with ONLY the change to the supplier cost and not customer price.

Change Price : Update the orderline with ONLY the change to the customer price and not supplier cost.

Change Both Cost and Price : Update both the supplier cost and the customer price.

3. Review Order Values

The final step, confirms the financial changes to the order for you to review and confirm.

You will be presented with a breakdown on the increase/decrease for the Order Price to the customer, Order Cost from suppliers and the Profit.

To accept the changes, click confirm. To move back a step, click Back.

If you have any other Support Queries, please visit the Support Hub.

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