The Kitchen Store & Anthill: Case Study

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The Kitchen Store are a Kitchen Retailer based in the south of England. They have four showrooms selling German and British kitchens.

Watch the video below to learn first hand about their experience using the Anthill platform.

There are lots of fixes that Anthill provided, the biggest being invoicing. Designers can now get on with their job whilst knowing that all orders will make it to the accounts system.

The benefits of everyone working from one process is huge, we have more time, we are much more efficient. We can manage a new level of KPIs that we couldn’t before.

We now have a huge amount of visibility, we can see immediately what customers are at what stage so we can make sure we are doing our best for them.

Personally, the one thing that I love about Anthill is its flexibility. I know that as The Kitchen Store changes, that Anthill will have a solution for it.

Anthill brings together each part of our industry in a way that hasn’t been done before, and we’ve used lots of major pieces of software.

I think Anthill has a big future in the KBB industry, I genuinely think that Anthill will be the leading piece of software moving forward for KBB retailers.

Day to day, Anthill is where everything happens.

Alan Margetts – Managing Director, The Kitchen Store

My name is Mark and I am the Head of Retail at The Kitchen Store. My job is to oversee all of the designers and project coordinators for all of our four retail sites.

If people ask me a question, where should I put this, the answer is Anthill. Where will I find this piece of information, the answer is Anthill.

The account system talks to it with zero, we’ve got Winner talking to it. We’ve got all of our project coordinators and designers looking in one location.

We we now write a piece of information once, so a customer address as an example. We would set up on one system. Then that would be set up again in winner then again in zero and again in our own CMS management that we’ve developed internally.

So, five times we were doing that. Now we do it once and everything talks to itself.

Mark Wood-Davies – Head of Retail, The Kitchen Store

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