Anthill Head T’Dales

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Last Friday saw the Anthill Mob head to the hills for our end of summer away day.

Boarding the train from our HQ in Leeds, we headed for Horton in Ribblesdale, nestled in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales national park.

Fully kitted out and ready to go, we left the station and began the climb up Pen y Ghent, one of the famous Yorkshire Three Peaks.

1500+ feet of climbing and occasional shower wouldn’t get in our way as the whole team clubbed together, lending ponchos and wine gums to make the trip a roaring success.

And so, 90 minutes after setting out we made it to the top.

Here we are. Plenty of smiling faces.

Happy to have made it to the top? Or happy to be heading the pub?

You decide…

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