Celebrating 10 Years Of Growth

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Building upon the record setting foundations of growth laid in 2020, Anthill Software are ringing in their 10-year anniversary in style by announcing further expansion to the tune of 107% across 2021.

As they maintain acceleration through their five-year rapid expansion plan, the Leeds based company have shared details of continued growth constituting a more than doubling in size of their loyal customer base.

Anthill have made a major mark on the KBB industry and continue to do so with the latest household names to come on board including Tile Giant, Brook & Wilde and In-toto.

Specialising in CRM, Process Management and Automation, Anthill have developed a technology that focuses on organising and enhancing how companies and their customers interact.

As part of the 10-year celebrations Founder and CEO John Endeacott said:

It is fantastic to welcome so many new customers to the Anthill platform. Our drive and passion to build a world class product is just as bright as it was 10 years ago.

This is showcased by an exciting road map for 2022 and beyond, full of innovations, new features, integrations and enhancements – all designed around the feedback and ideas from our valued customers.”

With revenue continuing to rise, customer count wasn’t the only figure to drastically grow for the business.

To maintain the highest levels of service and an ability to continuously innovate, key hires were made across Customer Success and Development.

These were then augmented by the establishment of a brand-new Implementation function to streamline the onboarding process and enhance internal and external communication.

Speaking on behalf of Anthill, Mr Endeacott added:

A key element within our service is the expertise and knowledge of how to successfully implement a tailored online solution.

With our new implementation team, we can provide the dedicated skillset required to cater for the needs of our growing customer base, from SMEs through to enterprise operations.”

As Anthill continue to expand their service offering with an ever-growing feature set, extended premises have been acquired and vacancies opened across Sales, Development, Customer Success and Support.

Having laid down back-to-back record years, the sky truly is the limit for Anthill.

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