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Every month we sit down with one of the team here at Anthill HQ, to let you all get to know about them and us that little bit better…

Today it’s the turn of Marketing Executive, Jacob!

Q. What is your role?

Here at Anthill I’m a Marketing Executive. That means my primary focus is on making sure we’re getting in front of the right people and that when we do, they know who we are!

As a team of one, it’s an exciting time. There’s always a new avenue to explore or tactic to try so no two days are ever the same.

A lot of my time is spent on content creation, which I love, and working out what our audience is interested in hearing us talk about.

Q. What was your first job?

My first job was in the now closed Debenhams in Leeds. I used to work in the café making coffees to pay for driving lessons.

Since then I’ve done everything from envelope stuffing in Australia to running charity campaigns in Nepal so it’s been quite a mixed bag!

Q. What is your proudest moment at Anthill?

For me, launching the blog was a really proud moment as it’s something I wanted to do from day one.

Anthill had considered investing in content before so being able to align on the project and see it through was a great moment. The response we’ve had so far has made all the hard work worthwhile.

At the same time, gaining coverage in industry and regional publications has also been a source of pride. It’s brilliant to see the company get more and more recognition.

Q. What are your goals for the year ahead?

I’ve only been with Anthill for 5 months so I’m excited to see how we can kick on from here. I think the ultimate goal for marketing is to continue growing our presence and make the Anthill name synonymous with quality and expertise!

Personally, so long as the function continues to grow I’ll be very happy!

Outside of work, I’m aiming to make 2021 the year I complete my first marathon although I might have to see which events are still going ahead.

Q. What other organisations do you most admire and why?

As a marketer I love the companies who are making a name for themselves by doing something creative!

Brewdog are phenomenal for this and are rightly seeing the results; their transparency on issues like sustainability has been extremely impressive.

Recently I’ve loved the trend of brands weighing in on each other’s social posts. I think those organisations that feel relatable are the ones to watch as we continue to crave a more personal and warm interaction.

Q. What are you adding to the Anthill playlist?

It has to be Tame Impala or Foals! Hopefully I’ll be able to properly add them soon as we head back to the office, feel like they’ll be the perfect tunes for a sunny day on our river terrace.

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