6 Proven Benefits Of Marketing Automation In Your Customer Journey

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Automation, and specifically marketing automation, is here to stay. For many organisations it has already revolutionised the way in which they engage their most precious asset, their customers.

Technological advances have allowed companies to bring their client communications to new heights, all because of automation.

Marketing automation in your customer journey can be used at every workflow stage to enhance interactions and delight new and existing customers alike.

Not only does marketing automation have a hugely positive impact on customer experience, it can also dramatically increase organisational efficiency and effectiveness.

“When it comes to business processes, 60% of occupations could save 30% of their time with automation.


Instead of losing hours on labour intensive, repetitive tasks, automation is freeing your expert teams to focus on the job at hand.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Before exploring the benefits of marketing automation in your customer journey, let’s take a look at what marketing automation actually is.

Broadly defined, it is the process of using technology to automate some, or all, of your repetitive marketing tasks.

It often focuses on social media, email or website actions but can, within limits, be used across all channels.

Marketing automation allows you to group customers and prospects alike, usually by collective attributes or behaviours, to deliver targeted messaging that is most relevant to them.

But marketing automation is much more than simply automating routine, manual tasks.

It adds intrinsic value to your whole operation by making your channels of communication simpler and faster.

“If you want to achieve a truly engaged relationship with your customers, you must focus on connecting with them on a personal level.”

Engage Bay

Benefits Of Marketing Automation In Your Customer Journey

Leading companies are continuing to push the boundaries of service and experience to greater extents.

The knock on impact is that these levels of speed and service are now expected across the board.

Your customers want instant access, outstanding service and bespoke interactions all rolled into one experience.

Marketing automation can take you there.

Here are six proven benefits of introducing marketing automation in your customer journey…

Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads is important for any business. But the process can be tedious and timeconsuming.

The goal is to bring new customers into contact with your brand. And you want their permission to send them information about your business.

Many people, across the company hierarchy, do not have time to nurture every lead.

But that’s the beauty of automated marketing. It makes your job easier.

You don’t have to constantly keep tabs on potential customers. Automation can do it for you, prompting the right information at the perfect moment while you concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Personalisation At Scale

Customer service is key to every industry. Relationships depend on connections, and your customers expect it.

Personalising the journey for your customers is key to making the sale and retaining their positive opinion.

Even if your offering is considered a one off purchase, you want to inspire customer loyalty.

Happy customers are the best brand advocates you could have at your disposal.

A positive testimonial or a referral to a friend or family member could go a long way toward boosting your credentials.

Automated marketing helps you personalise communications throughout the sale ensuring that when you do interact, the content is relevant, individual and tailored precisely to the customer’s needs.

Maintaining Relations

An essential benefit of marketing automation is that it enables you to reach more potential customers across multiple channels.

With little effort, you can spread brand awareness and spark interest in your business far and wide.

For new and existing customers, brand awareness increases when they hear from you on a consistent basis.

This doesn’t mean you should blast them with annoying, daily emails, but you should maintain consistent respectful contact.

Familiarity helps inspire trust, which is essential for any successful business. Automation helps fill the communication gap between your customers and you.

Occupying Their Spaces

Trying to connect with customers on your own is a difficult and time-consuming endeavour. Especially when it must be done across multiple mediums.

Marketing automation allows you to reach customers through a variety of channels, including email, your website, and social media.

Automated contact takes the pressure off the customer. It acts as a safety net, allowing you to nurture and support your customers without the hassle or pressure.

Likewise, occupying their spaces ensures even when you aren’t immediately required, customers can still be reminded of your presence.

Enhanced Customer Insight

Marketing automation helps you understand your customers’ needs.

With this information, it’s easier to address their concerns and provide what you customers want.

Knowing how potential customers are interacting with your brand is valuable information.

Understanding who is visiting your website, reading your emails, and viewing your content provides great insight into the minds of your customers.

Knowing what customers want and how they think can help you maintain interest whilst proactively providing precisely what they are looking for.

Data Informed Decisions

Automated marketing allows you to collect important data and put it to work for your business. This helps you better understand and predict customer behaviour.

You can see which of your efforts are working and what you need to change.

With the right data in place, you have a better picture of your prospects for sales and where your business may be lagging.

You can see the true picture of the financial wellbeing of your business and whether or not your marketing efforts are enhancing your bottom line.

Similarly, collecting valuable feedback data allows you to make better informed process decisions moving forward.

Adept Automation

Marketing automation in your customer journey can actively improve your whole business offering.

From start to finish, sending the right communication can encourage your customers to book an appointment, commit to buy or share a positive experience.

Automation is transforming the customer experience in every industry.

Be sure you’re reaping the rewards that automation can bring to your business.

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