Customer Management: Finding Your Excel Alternative

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When it comes to customer management, you can only go for so long without a robust solution.

As records mount up, opportunities increase and remedials start to stack, investing in a central data hub becomes non-negotiable.

For many businesses, the first port of call is Excel.

Whilst undoubtedly a fantastic piece of technology, utilising Excel for customer management can put your operation at serious risk.

Data is inaccessible, collaboration is impossible and there is minimal actionable insight available at a glance.

Despite this, too many businesses go with the familiar for too long.

Creating a spiralling decline in service as records are lost, opportunities are missed and efforts are duplicated.

Why You Need An Excel Alternative

Without an Excel alternative, you’re limiting your own ability to serve and to sell. Stuck where you are now compared to where you want to be.

Customer relationships are the lifeblood of success. Are you willing to compromise on your capacity for delighting at every turn?

Effective customer management requires a purpose built solution. An Excel alternative that will put your customers at the heart of your operation.

Here’s what you need to look out for in your new customer management solution…


Excel lives in a silo, meaning it can’t talk to the rest of your software stack.

Having a system that can link directly to your emails, ordering platform or sales and marketing automation software allows you to drastically increase efficiency.

One central hub, pulling insight from multiple systems, is far more powerful than disconnected, inconsistent data sources.

Customer Record Management

Columns and rows may be able to store information. But the volume limits and minimal management capacity afforded by spreadsheets restrict the amount of positive action you can take.

Irrespective of their customer status or lifecycle stage, you should be able to take a quick glance at your records and immediately feel in control.

Having this clear visibility ensures the right communications reach the right customers at the right time.

Universal Access

Unless the Excel file has been shared directly, how can anyone access the information? Or be sure that the version they’re looking at is the latest iteration?

Everyone in the organisation should be access the same information at the same time, no matter their location.

This means increased transparency across the business, reducing the risk of duplicated efforts or a prolonged search for the correct customer data.

360° Dashboards

Having a comprehensive and accessible set of records is one thing.

Being able to take decisive action, based off live, accurate data, takes your Excel alternative to a whole other level.

Instead of sifting through countless cells, you can instead pull the information you need, segmented by region, location or salesperson in just a couple of clicks.

Likewise, prompts and notifications ensure you can focus your effort on those customers needing your attention most urgently.


Finally, the scope of Excel is limited to it’s intended purpose. Mathematical calculations and formulaic functions.

With a custom built alternative, you are no longer bound by rigid, off the shelf software.

Each organisation has a unique process and, therefore, should have a technology designed to suit their individual needs.

Established industry practices are subject to change and your customer management system should allow you to shift with them.

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