How Digital Process Management Can Evolve Your Analogue Workflows

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When it comes to organisational practice, are your team following the same handwritten, analogue workflow created 20 years ago?

Or are your customer processes defined and managed digitally? Allowing each new iteration to reflect the ever changing business landscape you operate in.

“Going digital means being able to handle more information more efficiently.

And, more importantly, being able to always have the entirety of your system close at hand”.

Sam Spurlin

This is not to discredit workflow. In fact, defining your route to best practice and optimal results is business critical.

The nuance, and important differentiation between approaches, comes in ensuring capacity for implementation, evolution and adherence.

It is through digital process management that your tools for consistent control are present.

That the foundations of workflow are built upon to ensure concept becomes practice.

That continuous improvement is facilitated to keep you at the head of the pack.

A Workflow Foundation

Without workflow, there would be organisational chaos.

There would be no consistency, customers would experience a wildly varying offering and critical lifecycle stages would be missed.

As such, taking the time to identify the process you want each interaction, or opportunity, to follow is of the highest importance.

It lays the foundations for success by highlighting, for every member of staff, exactly how they should approach each situation.

Think of it as your cheat sheet for long term sustainable success.

Mind The Process Gap

There are, however, inherent issues with analogue workflow.

Namely, that 99% of the time it is universally inaccessible in the day to day and impossible for senior leadership to track.

In other words, you have no idea whether or not it is being followed. There are no in built mechanisms for control and adherence.

It’s all well and good writing down what you want to see happen.

But if that isn’t translated across the business, or investigated to ensure cooperation, the workflow isn’t worth the paper its written on.

Levelling Up Via Digital Process Management

Digital process management takes the solid foundation of workflow and adds a whole new level of insight. It is an essential addition for organisations serious about growth.

It takes the conceptual desire and puts it into practice through proactive adoption.

Take, for example, your individual workflow stages.

When presented in an analogue fashion, the order is open for interpretation. With no guarantee each member of staff will perform the requisite actions in the same way.

By contrast, when using process software, there is certainty; brought about by enforcing a specific order.

As an organisation, you can raise the bar for the quality of your execution by constraining action for a consistent approach.

“When everyone on the team can access the necessary information, you’ll find more consistent performance from employees.”


Suddenly, everyone on the team is mirroring one another’s actions in line with your version of best practice.

As a result, customers experience the best version of your operation 100% of the time.

That goes for new staff too. From day one, they have access to a tried and tested method for every situation in which they’ll find themselves.

Best practice is now scalable irrespective of the number of staff, teams or locations in the business.

Facilitating Continuous Digital Improvement

Likewise, digital process management allows for iterative improvements to be implemented immediately. And, significantly, easily communicated across the business.

“Processes shouldn’t be operated with a set and forget mindset.

You need to be consistently evaluating them to identify what’s not working, and then use that information to build more ideal systems for your team.”


Markets and consumer habits are always evolving. Your processes must have the flexibility to adapt with them so as to ensure your continue to delight new and existing customers alike.

Don’t let conceptual workflows restrict your ability. Embrace digital process management as the vehicle for driving your organisational practices to the next level.

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